1. Best red dot sight for a .410 Hushpower pump action Mossberg 500?

    Hello all, I'm looking to fit a picatinny rail and some form of reflex/red dot/holographic (forgive my terminology, it isn't my field of expertise) type of sight for the above mossberg pump. I have seen these have been fitted for more effective shooting/use of this type of shotgun. Does...
  2. Sold: Hushpower Pump .410

    Hi all, I'm selling my HushPower Mossberg pump action .410 as it's just not getting the use it once was and just gets in the way in the cabinet. It's a great gun for ratting or taking out birds around buildings where noise and power needs to be kept down. It's also been great fun using on the...
  3. Sold: 410 Hushpower Single barrel folding shotgun (full barrel silenced)

    A folding single barrel moderated 410 Full length moderated Fully folding Fully functional but is used with some scratched coating on the moderator. Make is RODACCIAI Price is £195 plus RFD to RFD (£25)
  4. Mossberg Hushpower - Custom Gun Slip Maker?

    Many years ago I had a custom slip made for a 12g Mossberg Hushpower that minimised length by having a conventional "triangular" main compartment that held the body of the gun and long side pocket to hold the barrel. Below is a picture of the slip taken shortly after delivery. Time has taken...
  5. Sold: SOLD - Pedretti 12 gauge Hushpower single shot

    Having a bit of a clear out of some unused kit. My trusty Pedretti Hushpower 12 gauge single shot non-ejector is for sale. Very quiet with sub-sonic cartridges and even reasonable with standard cartridges. Perfect for those noise-sensitive situations. £180.00 ovno Face to Face transfer