1. Exporting to Southern Ireland

    Good evening all, due to unforeseen circumstances I am moving back to Southern Ireland later in the month. I have an Anschutz 1517 .17 HMR and a Browning 725 12 bore that I want to take back with me if at all possible. I am bridgwater based, Does anyone know of any dealers in the southwest that...
  2. Not new but just moved to the UK from Ireland in March

    Hi I have justed moved to the UK from Ireland and now living in Markyate near St Albans. Just after filling out and submitting firearms paperwork and not sure how long that will take to process. An avid deer stalker with plenty of ground in Ireland, which I will be flying back to as much as...
  3. Wanted: Donegal / Derry, Ireland. Deer stalking permission, syndicate place or equivalent

    Hi, I am new to this site so please excuse the use of any wrong terminology or any incorrect assumptions I have made. I am trying every avenue I can to try and make some inroads to the stalking fraternity. So would be grateful if anyone could provide any land with Deer stalking permission, a...
  4. DSC 1 Exam Questions on Scotland / NI Laws

    Hi, I am sure this has been asked before but I couldn't find any responses on searching. In the DSC 1 written exam, do you get asked questions on NI & Scotland laws etc. if you are taking the exam in England? I see the question bank has questions specific to these regions. Thanks Paul