javelin and other bipods

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  1. Wanted: NIGGELOH Spartan Backpack Sling

    Anyone have one they would like to part with?
  2. Sold: Spartan Kapita Quick Shot Adapter

    Spartan Kapita Quickshot adapter Never used £22.50 posted
  3. Sold: Spartan Kapita Titanium Hook

    New - £45 Unmarked barely used. I'll do it for - £22.50 posted
  4. javelin bipods

    Am considering a javelin bipod (long) - how do they stand up to hard/long use? e.g does the leg locking system wear or get loose and how resilient are they to accidental knocks (I have in mind carbon flyrods which easily fracture if hit by a weighted fly)? What is the difference between the Mark...
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