knife sharpener

  1. S

    Which Lansky stones do I buy?

    I have settled , rightly or wrongly, on the Lansky guided system to sharpen my knives. I have nothing special or exotic, but I do like a good sharp knife. The decision to invest is prompted by the purchase of an Eka switchblade at BSS. Do I buy a diamond set and then some finer stones to hone...
  2. Rupert J

    Sold: Spiderco Tri-angle sharpening system

    Very little used and in great condition. Comes with all 4 sharpening triangles and 2 guards. This is a bargain for somebody. price is £35 including postage to mainland UK excluding Highlands etc. Here is a YouTube link to show you how to set up and use this system; How to use the Spyderco...