1. Glen Cadwallader

    Available: Syndicate places Grampian/Highland/Lochaber Available

    Hi All, We have 37 sites currently under sporting syndicate, places available now and then at renewals, prices vary from £500 to £5000 per gun and sites vary from 250 acres to 10000+ RED, ROE & SIKA We sold 12 guns las week on 7 new sites and have new sites pending in the next two weeks...
  2. J

    Deer stalking offered in Devon

    Hi! Im looking to take on more land as a deer stalker, I Am DSC1 qualified and fully insured. have been rabbiting and target shooting (air rifle since 4 but now shoot 600 meter .308) for many years but just starting out as deer stalker, have a few permits from rabbiting and vermin but deer are...
  3. B

    How is Scottish land cleared?!

    My licence says "land deemed suitable by the chief of police for the area on which that land resides"... Am I right in thinking no land is cleared in scotland in this method? - if so then theoretically I can't shoot in scotland?