1. Hunting in Scotland

    Hi Guys, Looking for a bit of help here. I've never hunted before but I'm interested in starting. I was wondering if anyone would be able to help with the legal side of things? Is there public land you can hunt on with just a hunting license? Or does it all have to be done through private...
  2. Number of guns

    Number of guns and security Could anyone help me I currently have 2 rifles and 3 shotguns and am wanting to buy another shotgun (can decide on what to get rid of yet ) is there any restrictions on the number I can have or would it just be down to if they are stored correctly then there should...
  3. Expanding bullets no longer section 5, as of May 2nd.

    So as of tomorrow - May 2nd 2017, expanding bullets for loading are no longer classed as section 5 and can now legally be sent in the post to a home address from a dealer or from another person. As they are now inert, then they do not have to be written on your license and they do not count...
  4. Stalking?

    At what age can you go on private property with a rifle and shoot deer?
  5. How is Scottish land cleared?!

    My licence says "land deemed suitable by the chief of police for the area on which that land resides"... Am I right in thinking no land is cleared in scotland in this method? - if so then theoretically I can't shoot in scotland?