1. For Sale: Lee 6.5 x 55 Dies

    Used Lee 6.5x55 (85/86) sizing die and seating die with some surface rust although I would not expect it to cause any issues I have rubbed the die heads with a little bit of scotchbrite to check the text and they came up shiny so I would suggest either just lubing or cleaning with scochbrite...
  2. RWS 7x57 brass doesn’t fit Lee shell holder No.2…..

    Good morning, I just bought some once fired RWS 7x57 brass, sat down to deprive tHem and discovered they don’t fit my No.2 Lee shell holder, or the No.2 primer holder or the once for the Lee trimmer. I see that they also list the No.10 for 7x57, does anyone know if the RWS brass will fit...
  3. Lee trim length cutter

    Hi all. I use the lee trim trimmer & lock nut to trim cases. The problem is the case keeps slipping out. Does any one know how to stop it. I’ve seen a 3D printed collar on eBay. Any body make them in the uk?
  4. For Sale: 303 British charger clips Lee Enfield

    As above and shown in the photograph. X 4 posted £14. 50
  5. Sold: Lee quick trim die

    As above, in .222. New, cased and never used. £15 posted
  6. If you were to start again...

    I haven't ventured in to the world of reloading before, its never really "floated my boat". But, with the prospect of copper coming its making more sense to me and possibly because I'm quite keen on precision. So the simple question is, if you were starting again, what would you buy or avoid...
  7. Lee Reloading Kits?

    Seen these kits on the internet saying "everything you need to reload" (apart from shells, bullets, powder and primers) - about £30 for the kit not including the hammer... Does anyone know if they're any good? I'm new to reloading, so looking for a complete kit to try and see if I like it. Are...