1. For Sale: Various dies

    Private sale Various dies for sale - prices include postage - 1 x used .223 seating die, 1 x used .222 sizing die and 1 x new .222 quick trim die: £20 the lot - 1 x .30-06 rcbs seating die, 1 x .30-06 rcbs full length seating die, 1 x lee seating die .30-06, 1 x lee resizing die with missing...
  2. For Sale: Lee Double Cavity Round Ball Mold

    up for sale a Lee Double Cavity Round Ball Mold 90456 -- .535" used, good condition £21 posted thanks,
  3. For Sale: Redding .257 die set

    Redding .257 Roberts FL die set. Old but unused with factory rust preventative film still present. Box has crack in lid as shown but shuts securely. £45 posted
  4. Wanted: Lee collet die neck sizing only 308

    Hi everyone. I'm looking to buy Lee Collet neck sizing only die in .308 if someone selling for good, before I go to the new one.
  5. For Sale: Lee Precision Safety Prime & Safety Powder Scale

    Both brand new and boxed, cheapest I can find them is: Safety Prime - 26.00 plus postage (£9.80 1967spud) Safety Powder Scale - 27.50 plus postage (£9.80 1967spud) How about £45.00 the pair including postage? Cheers
  6. Sold: Lee .243 dies swap for .223?

    As title, I have a set of 2 Lee dies for .243 Win which I'd like to swap for .223 Rem if anyone has any. These dies are not new, but are in good condition. I have not used them, but they appear to be good. No box though. If interested please PM me. If you have some .223 dies but don't wish to...
  7. Sold: .243 lee loader die set - new

    For Sale - Brand New in Box - Opened for Photos only. "Lee Loader is a complete reloading system, kit includes everything needed to reload 243 Win. except a rubber mallet." £26-00 Includes UK Mainland Postage Bank Transfer preferred.
  8. Lee Reloading Kits?

    Seen these kits on the internet saying "everything you need to reload" (apart from shells, bullets, powder and primers) - about £30 for the kit not including the hammer... Does anyone know if they're any good? I'm new to reloading, so looking for a complete kit to try and see if I like it. Are...