1. Moving Address

    I have recently moved from my address in the Highlands to the Lothian's and am still awaiting contact from an enquiry officer regarding my new address (It's been 2 weeks), I have securely fixed a cabinet to the external wall inside my new house. Having given back the only rifle I had which I...
  2. Variation

    I hello I am considering buying a new .243 I already have a .243 and I don't want two so my question is how I go about it do I sell it then apply for a variation or how does it work. Many thanks
  3. European Firearms permit Vs. German permit

    Hi everyone, was wondering if anyone might be able to help. Police Scotland are refusing to issue a visitor permit to my client who wants to bring a rifle in using his German hunting licence (Jagdschein) and German rifle licence (waffenbesitzkarte). Police Scotland are insisting it must be...
  4. Softest shooting UK wide calibre for all deer species

    Hi all, Interesting question that I was asked today by another stalker. He is thinking ahead for his daughter who is getting further into stalking. What is the softest shooting, i.e. lowest recoil deer calibre for all species in the UK? I said 243 100gn which is overall, I think, the lowest...
  5. How short is to short on my Howa 1500 .243

    Hi all, I have just got my self a Howa 1500 243 and was thinking of chopping the barrel down some but I am not sure what the legal limit is on a 243 and what affect this could have to things like power, will the round get enough twist before it leaves the barrel and accuracy also what rounds to...
  6. Cabinet in a different house

    Hi All, I'm looking to apply for my FAC very soon and will be installing a cabinet. However, we intend to move house in the next year or so and with this in mind I'd like to install it in my family home down the road. This is my folks house, they're happy with it and would not have access to...
  7. Stalking?

    At what age can you go on private property with a rifle and shoot deer?
  8. Variation for "liberal conditions" (fully open ticket)

    Hi there - Thinking of applying for my open ticket and wondered what the wording was on people's ticket's who had "open licences"?