1. S

    Liver lesion in a sika deer

    This photograph shows a lesion in the liver of a thin sika deer. I wonder whether anybody can suggest what it is? Unfortunately I don't have any further details of the gralloch and I don't know the answer. I will be very interested to see what ideas people have.
  2. JRoe

    Strange Cyst on this Roe Liver

    Let's see if any of you can shed light on this liver abnormality. I shot this old(ish) fellow last night. Seemed in good enough nick, starting to get his winter coat on. I've known him a long time and his behaviour was normal. On gralloching I found a v large cyst together with some very...
  3. Evillemon

    Rabbit Liver Question - help please

    Good morning gents, I Went out hunting last night for a few bunnies as i was supposed to be cooking up a stew today. It should have been a busy night, last time i went to this farm was spring and it was full of bunnies, i took 8 without even trying. However last night was barely a bunny to...