1. Hello from London :)

    Hello All, I have recently moved to London and I am very interested in British country sports such as shooting and stalking. I would like to learn about the traditions, culture and actually how to shoot and stalk properly. I would be honored if anyone *here would find time to mentor me. If...
  2. Available: AW available for Home Counties, Surrey, Sussex, Hampshire & Oxfordshire

    You need to sort out the ground but I'm happy to do it for petrol money alone. Just PM me if interested. Jack
  3. London Stalkers - Beer on Weds 25th

    Hi, A few of us have realised that there's a collection of London-based stalkers on this site. So we thought it'd be worth getting together for a beer. Current plan is to Meet at The Churchill Arms on Kensington Church Street (2 mins walk from Notting Hill Gate tube) at about 7:30 on Weds 25...
  4. Rural Londoner

    Hi Everyone, I'm a slightly odd fish but one that I think is becoming more and more common. Proper country boy by upbringing, loved pigeon shooting, fretting, stalking, fly fishing my whole life but now circumstance finds me living in Central London and working as a management consultant...
  5. Wanted: Stalking WITHIN the M25?

    Do any of you have any deer stalking [or boar] opportunities within the M25? It's for a rather special dinner party. Be great if you could help or point me in the right direction.