mauser 98

  1. Free: Advice on Reblueing a Mauser 98 rifle

    Folks, I have a lovely South Africa 7x57mm rifle on a mauser action. Bolt, action, barrell and both sights are engraved so looking for a top guy in yhe UK to re- blue this beauty. Anyone with knowledge on the matter or experience either positive or negative?
  2. Parker Hale / Mauser Mods

    Hey all thinking about having some work done to my Parker Hale 1200 Superclip and just wondering if anyone has had similar done or has any input. Rifle will only be used for target shooting. Also I’d ask the gunsmith to inspect it first and see if he thinks it’s a worthy doner, if the barrel...
  3. Mauser 98

    Hi all, I need a makers list for rifles that use the Mauser 98 action. The sportier the better. If anyone could help me out that would be great. cheers Ed