1. For Sale: MDT XRS FDE TIKKA T3 plus 6.5PRC MAG

    I have for sale a MDT XRS chassis for a Tikka T3x in Flat Dark Earth. The chassis is a short action and has been on my rifle for the past 7 months or so. Very very good condition. Comes with a pic rail under the forend to mount a bipod, as well as a pic rail under the butt to mount your choice...
  2. For Sale: MDT Premier Scope Rings 30mm 1" (Medium)

    As new, ex-demo. £80 posted
  3. For Sale: MDT Elite Scope Rings 30mm 1"

    As new, but a bit dusty. 30mm, 1" high (medium) MDT Elite Scope Rings £200 posted (RRP £314)
  4. For Sale: MDT AICS Magazines Metal / Polymer

    2 x MDT Polymer .223 10 Round £25 each 1 x MDT Polymer Gen 2 .308 10 Round £30 1 x MDT Metal Mag + Extender .308 12 Round £50 Also have: 3 x Accurate Mag .300wsm / 6.5PRC Metal Mag 7 Round £60 each 4 x CZ 457 .17hmr / wmr 10 Round magzine £25 each
  5. For Sale: MDT LSS Gen 1 Chassis - Tikka T3 LH LA - Black

    Brand New, boxed £150 posted.
  6. For Sale: MDT XRS Stock for CZ457 Ex-Demo (unused)

    I've got a black, ex-demo project stock for the CZ457 RH. In as new condition. £525 shipped.
  7. Bringing stocks and mags into U.K. from Canada.

    Hello all. I fancy an MDT stock/chassis, they are more expensive in the U.K. than in Canada. As I’m going to Canada anyway I reason I could buy one there and bring it back. I’ve looked up that if the value of what you bring back is under £320 (total) and is for personal use you don’t have to...
  8. Ruger precision 6.5 creedmoor grip and mag release help

    Hi All, I am looking to change my Ruger Precision grip to an MDT premier vertical grip or something similar, and also want to try and locate a extended mag release like one you can buy in the US from anarchy outdoors, 1st question is any vertical grip you think would be better and wlll it fit...
  9. Swap: Tikka t3/t3x mdt hs3 chassis. Left hand.

    I have an left handed mdt hs3 LA Tikka chassis that im looking to swap for a lighter chassis, I would keep the stock and pistol grip. If anyone has anything they want to swap send me a pm and we can discuss. I would be open to other adjustable stocks (if swapping for a complete stock obviously...
  10. Sold: MDT Skeleton Rifle Stock & Folding Adapter

    MDT Skeleton Rifle Stock (V5 Short) Ex-display items, but never fitted. Bought these recently but have decided to go a different route with the new build, so putting them back up for sale. New, the items would cost £447 + £175 = £622 from my local RFD. Would like to sell these together if at...
  11. Sold: MDT Oryx CZ 457 Chassis ODG

    Hi Folks Up for sale is my excellent, hardly used MDT Oryx Chasis for a CZ 457 Rimfire action. Its been to the range twice. Ive put the action back in its walnut stock now so have this for sale. Comes boxed in original box with recoil pad spacer and bolts. These are £550 new if you can find...
  12. New stock for Bergara B14 Hunter

    Looking to improve ergonomics and fit, it’s a 6.5 used for fox and deer stalking. Accuracy of the gun is fine so as long as it doesn’t make it less accurate I’m happy. Tried an accuracy international, great but very heavy! Currently looking at GRS sporter, Hunter or Fenris. MDT XRS looks ok...
  13. Wanted: MDT LSS XL

    I’m after a preloved (or dusty on the shelf and unloved) MDT LSS -XL chassis, with or without buttstock. It’s to fit a right handed rem 700 clone. Anything looking for an outdoor life with lots of rain, occasional mud and lots of little bits off conifers that seem to get everywhere? Cheers
  14. For Sale: Custom Rem700 260Rem

    Remington 700 action. 260Remingtom Truflite match barrel. MDT HSS Chassis and bottom metal which accepts AI single stack magazines. Heavy Action Lug (Dolphin Gun). The Truflite barrel has been screw cut for a moderator M18x1. The gunsmithing and barrel fitting was done by Dolphin gun. Magpul PRS...