1. airman

    Sold: Minox ZX5i 5-25x56 SF PLEX Absehen 66619

    Bought in September 2017, this scope, bought for use on my HMR has seen very little use. Selling to fund a new night vision scope because I dont shoot during the day and the bunnies are sensitive to light so Ive been using my Yukon Photon as a stop gap (taken off my air rifle) instead of the...
  2. R. Macleod & Son

    Sold: MINOX ZX5 2-10x50 Reticule BDC Only £250.00

    Minox Special Offer! Brand New ZX5 2-10x50 Reticule BDC only £250.00
  3. I

    For Sale: Scopes for sale

    Santas been good to me this year as I've been very good he gave me 3 Swarovski scopes to upgrade my optics. So I now have these three scopes for sale 1. A MINOX 3-15 x 56 ZE5i. 30mm tube No.4 illuminated reticule £500. It is in very good condition but it has a scratch to the elevation cap (...
  4. Z


    Hi all, Does anyone out there with normal sight in both eyes use a monocular for woodland stalking? I understand that one wouldn't necessarily get the depth perception that you would with binoculars but I like the idea of carrying something a bit smaller than standard binos that I'm not going...
  5. Z

    Minox ZP scopes

    Morning all, Has anyone seen any of these in the flesh and/or know the RRP for the UK? The ZP5 3-15x50 looks quite interesting as a one size fits all if you'd like to shoot out to some distance occasionally and would like target turrets, hopefully without paying Zeiss, Schmidt or Swaro prices...
  6. S

    Strathspey and Minox BF Binos

    I have been looking for some binos for under £200 and have read all the positive Minox reviews. I noticed that the BF models are much cheaper, does anyone know the reason why? I had also looked at the Starthspey Binoculars website and they seems very cheap, but I can't find our much about...