I got one in a deal while in New York - Vixen a bit small for stalking but absolute quality optics - not sure if you could get 8-30 or other in them
but really worth a look
i love Ziess stuff however on a p@@@@@@g down New York evening they were equal size for size
I have a couple of monoculars but I haven't tried them for stalking yet.

I use one instead when I'm out with my camera, as I find it a lot easier to carry and use a monocular than a pair of binos, even pocket ones. When you've got a camera hanging round your neck you really don't want to be carrying binos a well, whether round the neck or slung under the armpit!

As you say, you lose the depth perception but I don't find that a particular issue. Getting used to using a single eye for viewing is a bit of a challenge initially, but you soon get used to it.

Certainly if you go for a quality monocular there is little, if any, discernible difference in image quality compared to binoculars.
When I was shopping for a compact 8x binocular, I looked through several monoculars. The Vortex Solo R/T 8x36 Monocular with its reticle for ranging distance was really interesting. It is not small, but will fit into a pocket or just hang around a necklace, was very clear, and bright. I would like to try one in the field.
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Picking up a really good quality bino at a low price because the collimation is way out then cutting it down to a mono is the go.
I got a pair of Zeiss 10x50 binos for $80 in perfect nick because the collimation was screwed and the owner had been quoted some ridiculous sum to have them fixed.
Or just buy this;
330 Carl Zeiss Jena 7x50 Monocular 1Q with CaseÂ* | eBay

I particularly love this because you then get two monoculars!
I particularly love this because you then get two monoculars!

Exactly. One to give away.
I actually found out how to adjust the collimation and fixed them. I bought a second set to cut down Hendsoldt 7x30s. Wonderful optics and virtually bullet proof manufacture. I love the depth of field you get with Zeiss that the modern makers like Vortex cannot quite achieve. Focus on something at 200m and see pretty well all the way between 50m and 300m.
I use/have a few russian monoculars and telescopes. 8x30 and 7x50 Monocular, and 10x30 and 20x50 Draw Tube Telescope.

The 8x30 gets most use, but they work fine in the circumstances I use them, may not be up to the top glss, but a fraction of the price, and not such an issue if they get a bit of abuse in the field. The 8x30 does have some colour fringing in extreme contrast, particularly noticed this at dusk when the sun was setting, but sky bright looking at a bird. But no colour fringing when looking along the rides.

If you are local (your ID doesn't give a location) you could come and have a try.
I use one for driven hunts all the time. I pull it out of my jacket pocket when I need to survey something like a fox along a woodline. Used 4 seasons. Hasn't let me down.
Trust me its light enough as it is and you will love the 42mm HD objective. I use it anytime I am driven hunting or stalking light weight. Should have bought one years earlier. the outer edge aint the best and the cap cover is crap but I'm told due to the 42mm objective and HD coating it is better than zeiss and leica with 20 and 30mm. I'd say that assessment is right even considering the price. Better than my swaro 10x25 binos and more compact.

Zen-Ray ZRS HD-M 8x42 Waterproof Monocular with Dielectric Prism Coating
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I don't own the vortex but have tried them. Agree with Southern, nice clear bright optics, but not really compact. I found that a pair of compact binoculars was a better alternative for me. Also, monoculars are rather fatiguing to use for any significant period of time.