Leica Amplus 6
  1. Sold: Zeiss Victory 8 x 26 PRF rangefinder

    Looking for the above? Anyone have one?
  2. For Sale: CONOTECH RANGE TI 35 LRF THERMAL IN STOCK £2099.95 The Range TI 35 LRF offers excellent thermal imaging with its 384x288 17µm <35mK NETD thermal sensor and smooth, high resolution viewing with its frost-resistant 1024x768 HD AMOELD display and 50Hz frame rate. The Range TI 35 LRF can even...
  3. Sold: Pulsar Axion Key XM22

    Excellent quality light-weight Thermal Monocular 950m range with x2 to x8 magnification capabilities. Great condition Second Hand
  4. For Sale: HIK Micro Thermal Spotters

    High-quality thermal monocular from HIK Micro All come with WiFi capability and a dedicated smartphone app. Available in 6mm, 15mm, 19mm and 35mm Price 6mm- £450 15mm- £875 19mm - £1340 35mm- £1740 all prices posted
  5. Sold: PULSAR Digital NV Spotter

    Pulsar Digiforce NV860 Great entry level unit into the world of NV Condition 9/10 (nearly as new) Digital Night Vision Lightweight (400g) Built on I.R (3x power settings) Built in rangefinder Original carry case Detachable lanyard hole doubles as tripod point or picatinny rail Have spotted...
  6. For Sale: PULSAR IN STOCK CONTACT US ON 01862892171

    TEL: 01862892171 MOB: 07954109314
  7. Monocular

    Hi all, Does anyone out there with normal sight in both eyes use a monocular for woodland stalking? I understand that one wouldn't necessarily get the depth perception that you would with binoculars but I like the idea of carrying something a bit smaller than standard binos that I'm not going...
  8. Any rangefinder monoculars out there that...

    Have a minimum magnification of ideally 10x Can range to 1100m Have a good objective diameter of say 30mm or larger Cost less than £500? The Zeiss PRF is excellent and Swaro Laser Guide looks good but I'd like something with a bit more magnification (and ideally a bit cheaper). Any help...
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