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    Hi all, Does anyone out there with normal sight in both eyes use a monocular for woodland stalking? I understand that one wouldn't necessarily get the depth perception that you would with binoculars but I like the idea of carrying something a bit smaller than standard binos that I'm not going...
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    For Sale: Vortex Monoculars - Solo Tactical R/T 8x36 with Reticle Focus

    More Vortex goodies in today including these 8x36 Monoculars selling at £93.88. A real bargain and ideal for keeping in the truck! If you don't need the ranging reticule and want something even more compact the Solo 8x25 version is only £40.00
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    Any rangefinder monoculars out there that...

    Have a minimum magnification of ideally 10x Can range to 1100m Have a good objective diameter of say 30mm or larger Cost less than £500? The Zeiss PRF is excellent and Swaro Laser Guide looks good but I'd like something with a bit more magnification (and ideally a bit cheaper). Any help...