1. Z


    Hi all, Does anyone out there with normal sight in both eyes use a monocular for woodland stalking? I understand that one wouldn't necessarily get the depth perception that you would with binoculars but I like the idea of carrying something a bit smaller than standard binos that I'm not going...
  2. 308roebuck

    Available: Northumberland roe stalking.

    Northumberland roe stalking Roe Buck stalking some dates available for 2015. £60 per outing plus £20 per shot. Stalks 3-4 hours. Cost is per person. AM and PM stalks available, some week nights during summer months. Stalking from high seats or on foot. Novices welcome, with full guidance...
  3. G

    Deer in thick cover.

    Hi Folks. The woodland manager that looks after the estate were I have permission to shoot is giving me a hard time over the amount of damage being done to mature larch and fir. I know there is a large amount of red deer in the woodland but the problem is that there is no way of shooting...
  4. A

    Wanted: Observing a stalk

    Hi, Not sure if this is the right place to post this request, mods, feel free to move if it is not. Just thought I would ask if it would be possible to observe some Deer hunting and stalking? Primarily interested in observing woodland/forest stalking. If you wouldn't mind letting me tag along...