1. C

    Ross Stalking Telescope Write Up

    Dear All, I have been collecting Ross telescopes and doing some research on them. Having found some useful posts on these boards I thought it might be helpful to share my writings through a short booklet that can be viewed through this Google Drive link. All the sources used can be found on...
  2. J

    Scope Question - Nickel Marburg Supra

    Hello Everyone, I hope this is ok. I recently came own a Nickel Marbug Supra spotting scope. I'm not a hunter and would like to sell it, but I can't say I know what I would be even be worth. I've seen them go on Ebay for anything from £50 to £250. So I came looking for some expert advice...
  3. Z


    Hi all, Does anyone out there with normal sight in both eyes use a monocular for woodland stalking? I understand that one wouldn't necessarily get the depth perception that you would with binoculars but I like the idea of carrying something a bit smaller than standard binos that I'm not going...
  4. Rupert J

    Sold: Burris Landmark 20x-60x-80mm long eye relief Spotting Scope

    The title describes this lovely scope. Very very good condition. Complete with original lense covers and a carry bag. Super condition. price £55 including postage to UK mainland excluding Highlands and Islands etc.