1. For Sale: Rifles and shotguns

    ArmItalia Boxlock S/S N/E D/T 12Bore Shotgun. S/N: 7694. Stephenoise Arms L. Baucher French single shot .410 bolt action shotgun. s/n: 68420. 2inch chamber. Savage 64 self-loading tube-fed .22LR Rifle. s/n: NVN collectable, project. Laurona S/S Boxlock 12Bore Shotgun Denton & Kennel...
  2. Sold: Teague Titanium Invector + Choke Set &. Taper Key

    Titanium Teague Chokes for Invector Plus (Browning, Miroku, some Winchester etc) Never used! Would be £388 for the set new now from Teague. 2x Skeet 2x Imp Cyl 1x Half 1x Taper Choke Key In a browning case. £250 posted.
  3. What model of shotgun? Stock advice needed

    Hi all, My shotgun shooting has been mediocre at best for a long time now. The other day I treated myself to a session with Bill at Lower Lakes Shooting Ground and he completely transformed my shooting in an hour. Aside from the basics of stance and mount, he identified that my gun doesn't fit...