1. For Sale: Apple Logic pro 9 music production software for mac and other discs

    For sale Apple Logic pro 9 for Mac Music production software Studio Pro 9 Main stage 2 Other disks - grand total of 9 disks. Throwing in a book on Logic pro 9 audio and music production by Mark Cousins and Russ Hepworth-Sawyer WAS £55 total including postage. NoW £40.00 Please PM as I lock...
  2. Bass guitar and replacing electrics

    HELP REQUIRED PLEASE Hey all, Thought this would be something interesting for the off-topic section. Been a bass player very one and off for past few years, amateur rating I would put myself in. Anywho, I have a GSR200 Ibanez gio soundgear 4 string active bass, it has 3 pickups and 4 pots...