muzzle brake

  1. Sold: Blaser "dual brake" muzzle brake/break - M15 X 1

    Bought because I tried someone else's and found it very effective. Ideal for driven hunts or long walks where you don't want to carry or swing a mod around. Sold the rifle it was going to go on to buy something else, so this never got used. £150. New they are £300. Not certificated, so no...
  2. Sold: Muzzle brake Tikka T3 Tac A1

    I bought this for a project, but decided to go for a moderator. This is a T3 Tac A1 brake in excellent condition. Suitable for 30cal. Thread is 5/8 x 24. SOLD
  3. Sold: Sako Muzzle Brake

    SAKO MUZZLE BRAKE 308 5/8 x 24 (which is 5/8 UNEF) thread. Brand new and unused 7cm in length £60 posted Now £50 posted
  4. TIKKA TAC A1 TRG muzzle brake for APW muzzle brake

    Hello all Looking to offload my Tikka TAC A1 muzzle brake in favour of the Axis Precision Worx Raptor! Has anyone had any experience with these? It’ll be on my 6.5 creed
  5. Moderator vs Muzzle Brake

    Hi guys, I'm starting this thread to obtain some information regarding the use of moderators and muzzle brakes. I have shot bolt action rifles with moderators and seen muzzle brakes in use but never used one myself. Having looked into moderators for stalking rifles (approx .30 cal, non-magnum)...
  6. Sold: JP "tank" muzzle brake - Recoil Eliminator .308

    JP JPRE424S muzzle break boxed with instructions .308 (.875 5/8 -24TPI) Regarded as the best in class for recoil reduction due to the patented rear venting design. £60 plus £5 p and p
  7. Muzzle Brake for Blaser R8

    Hi, I have a Blaser R8 with a .308 fluted match barrel. Thread is 18 x 1. I want to put a muzzle brake on it fro driven shooting Can anyone recommend a good muzzle brake? I know Blaser do one as well as a lot on independents. Anyone got experience of any?