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    Hi all, I've been visiting the site on and off for some years now and suddenly wondered why I hadn't joined - so I have. I live and work in rural Hertfordshire, and spend most of my shooting time on one range or another. I've been shooting since I was taught as a Cadet many years ago. Currently...

    Hi all I run a business called Shooting LTD selling all manner of... Only joking Admins! ;).. Ok, enough of the 'jokes'. I am from Cheshire and pretty new to the shooting/ stalking scene. I have a local permission where I perform rabbit control for the land owner. I use a .22 air rifle for...
  3. Introduction

    Hi in new to small game hunting and use a.22LR rifle mainly looking for rabbit hunting opportunities in and around Sheffield and South Yorkshire
  4. Introduction

    Hi my name is Anthony I live in Yorkshire started stalking about 2years ago been on a few paid stalks and out with pals had 17hmr and 223 about 8 years and 6.5x55 about 18 months dsc1 completed enjoyed the course
  5. Introduction

    Hi all. I'm a relatively new stalker in the UK. Just 3 years experience with an additional 4 years in Germany. I fire a. 308 and stalk in Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex.
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    Hi, I've been trawling through the site for a good year or so increasing my knowledge and understanding but have recently ended up with more time to pursue the sport and delve myself in deeper so I have decided to make an account to interact with other fantastic members. I've been stalking for...
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    Good afternoon, a short introduction: Dutchman, moved to East Sussex last summer. Over 25 years of experience as a gun, over 40 years as a beater. Main interests are stalking, rough shooting and pigeon shooting. Looking for deer stalking opportunities.
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    Hi all, Just quick intro on myself. Am an active Deer stalker in South of England (and part-time Deer Manager) Also experienced Foxer here in my native South Wales (Carmarthenshire). Been shooting 30+ yrs Am an RCO and DSC1. Reloaded all Calibres over the years. Currently using .308 / .25-06...
Stoney Creek - Purpose Built Shooting Clothing