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  1. Introduction

    Having spent years with shotguns I’m finally taking my time for dipping my toes in to the rifle world and will be applying for my fac shortly for deer and fox. Cheers, Alastair in Kent
  2. New member

    Hi all, I have been shooting (air rifles) for around 15 years for pest control/ hobby. I was a full time pest controller whilst studying for around 3 years but kept the sport going post career change. Currently looking at getting into deer stalking but not sure where to start. Based in...
  3. Introduction

    Good evening, I’m Matt based in Preston, Lancashire. I’ve recently completed my DSC1 and have done a couple of paid stalks with an estate rifle. I’m now at the point of applying for my FAC and I already have shotguns. Looking at a 6.5 creedmoor and to start stalking a few times a year with a...
  4. I'm a new member from South Carolina

    Hello everyone, How's going? Well, I'm John from South Carolina. I'm a successful businessman. I like hunting, shooting, bird watching, spend time with my pet's and observing natural objects. Hoping to enjoy my stay here. Thanks.
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