night vision add on

  1. Sold: Pard NV007V 16mm NV Rear Add On

    Pard NV007V 16mm Rear Add On Night Vision For Sale I bought this earlier this year in Jan/Feb from a local rfd, Haven't used it at all surplus to requirements, Boxed with all accessories, manual etc as shown, UK Mainland Sales Only I will deliver this to buyers address or meet at your local...
  2. NV front add on

    Evening all, I'm looking at getting a front end add on night vision device. To be used on an air rifle and a .22, what would be best? Any pros/cons to a rear end/ocular add on. Which make and model would you go for and why? Which IR torch is best suited for it? Can I use a night vision...
  3. NV Add-On?

    I stalk some ancient woodland, and find even before dusk the woods can be awful dark. For my Blaser R8, the solution has been a Pulsar Digex C50 (which I easily swap on and off against a Hawke Frontier). But I also have this Bergara BA13 in .308, which I conceive of as my "no sticks" short...
  4. Sold: Base NV 90 and Element Optic Helix

    Base Optics NV add on for sale, been used on my 17HMR and I have since bought a pulsar so no longer needed. It’s in good condition and comes with an additional collar and shims kit to fit to another scope. Good starter and reasonable priced. £100+P&P Element Optics Helix 6-24x50 SFP, used on...
  5. For Sale: ** New Improved** SIRIUS XTL IR TORCH & QD MOUNT

    # New Improved Version Available # • Tail Switch illumination for easy on off indication • • Rats Tail Available for remote switching -also (illuminated) Your old model can also be updated with the above modifications - quick turn around. Irlightbuilds - Sirius XTL IR torch A perfect...
  6. Sold: Cobra demon gen 3 autogated

    Afternoon all. Would anyone be interested in a cobra demon gen 3 autogated night vision add on? Absolutely crystal clear tube. Immaculate condition and hardly used. £2000 posted to you’re door or best offer. Please note the IR is not included in this sale.
  7. Ward D vision 800

    Hi all ive been looking at this as it looks like a really good add on so was wondering if anyone currently using the 800 Can give me some feedback about how it is i would be adding onto a Swaro Z6I
  8. Ward-D-Vision 700 Digital Night Vision anyone got one

    Ward-D-Vision 700 Digital Night Vision hi all. Any one got one of these? I fancy one as I want to use it on 3 different rifles. 2 rimfires and a.223.
  9. Pulsar Forward DFA75 Launch Date Confirmed (New Digital Front Mounted NV)

    Hello all We have had lots of enquiries regarding the new Pulsar Forward DFA75 Digital front mounted night vision solution. The Forward DFA75 is a digital night vision day scope adaptor add one, which is ideal for users with Stalking rifles and quality optics who do not wish to dedicate a...