1. Tulloch

    Sold: Yukon Photon 6x50 RT Day/Night scope

    I am selling my Yukon Photon RT Nightvision Scope, only selling as I am looking to upgrade to a Digisight for my .243 and I already have a another Photon that I use on my .22 and .17hmr All the usual features such as Stream video capabilities and record and sound function . I have shot a lot...
  2. A

    For Sale: 40mm Archer Shim for sale

    Was trying to get .22 going with archer but don't want to keep swapping over from .243 when out foxing and rolling rats over with .22. Got a photon now. It's only a month old. £12.50 so half price.
  3. D

    Sold: Yukon Photon 6.5x50 XT with Yukon doubler

    Yukon Photon 6.5x50 XT with Yukon doubler Selling this as I have since bought a drone pro. It is in perfect condition as new, with box and storage bag. Will include scope picatinny mount for an external IR and some cheap mounts which are currently on it. The doubler is practically brand new...
  4. D

    Sold: NVUK TubeCam Night vision kit

    I'm selling a NVUK TubeCam NV kit. It's been used once, but I'm going down a different route now. Works excellently and has all the optional upgrades bar the carry case and the IR torch. In perfect condition. Upgraded screen mount 5" Screen KPC-E700 Camera Video Out socket I would like £250...
  5. D

    Sold: NV Spotter - Made by 'Some Bloke' on the nv forums

    Hi all i'm selling a brand new spotter I bought, but have decided to go for a different route for spotting. It is literally as brand new, I've used it very briefly and is still in brand new condition. It still has the protective film on the camera screen. It was made by 'Some Bloke' on the NV...
  6. D

    Sold: Yukon Photon 6.5x50 XT Extreme modded

    Selling my Yukon Photon XT extreme modded scope as I am upgrading. It will come with 2 lenses Pentax 135mm f1:2.8 Helios 58mm F2 Includes adaptor, original box etc. Works great. the 135mm provides roughly 11-12x mag and the 58mm provides around 5-6x Mag No mounts or external IR's...
  7. T

    Sold: Photon RT 6x50 with Tracer F900 IR illuminator

    Photon RT 6x50 (rrp £599.00) with Tracer F900 IR illuminator (rrp £169.00) in like new condition complete with box instructions etc , great combo with the Tracer F900 IR illuminator. Does not come with mounts shown. Owned since 1/9/17 so loads of warranty left. Looking for £600 ono shipping...
  8. D

    For Sale: Photon XT 50mm Lens

    I now have available my photon XT's spare lens as I have done the 'xtreme' mod to mine. It has the lock ring on the end removed ready for a doubler to be fitted. It does have some minor marks to the end ring, but not visible with the flip cap fitted. Glass looks good with no marks. It's the 50mm...
  9. hammo

    Sold: WARD 800L NV add on

    WARD 800L digital nv add on, fixes to the back of your day scope to give full digital night vision. Cost £800, approx six months old. With mains charging lead. £600 includes signed for postage.
  10. dmouland

    Sold: Ludicrous Lumens Sunranger Illuminator

    Ludicrous Lumens Sunranger Illuminator (IR LED torch for night vision) Excellent illuminator, with photon on a clear night and on full focus, can view over 400 yards. £55 posted
  11. dmouland

    Sold: Starlight Arrow Night vision unit with Dragonfly IR Laser

    I am reluctantly selling my night-vision add-on to fund my .30-06 double rifle. It's a Starlight Arrow unit that fits to the rear of your scope via a bush and screw system. The bushing slides onto the scope and then the NV unit screws onto that bushing. You focus the unit via your parallax on...

    For Sale: External power supply for NV or Themal imaging equipment 4.4 ha 380 gms

    External power supply for nv & thermal imaging...
  13. S

    Scott Country Night Vision Specialists - Big Competition Giveaway worth over £600

    Scott Country Night Vision Specialists Big Competition Hello all, We are giving you the chance to win a top of the range Spypoint Mini Live Wildlife Camera Trap worth £399.99 AND a Minox Hand Held Night Vision Monocular worth £239.99 This prize giveaway totalling over £600 will be drawn on...
  14. S

    ATN X Sight Delivery Update

    Hello all ATN X Sight Stock Update: ATN shipping has now been confirmed officially and we now have an estimated delivery date into the UK. We have confirmed shipment for delivery of a large quantity of ATN X Sight 5-18x Day/Night Vision Riflescopes arriving the week beginning 15th December...
  15. S

    New Front Mounted Night Vision Add-On

    Hello all, Just a heads up on a new front mounted Night Vision add-on which has just landed on our shelves. Ideal for those of you with quality glass, who often wish to convert to NV at night, with no need to rezero, and works on non parallax adjustable or parallax adjustable scopes. An...
  16. S

    Starlight Arrow NV Demo Footage - Entry level £399.99 unit

    Hello We have been asked for some sample footage from the Starlight Arrow. This is from the first production entry level unit £399 with a 200yard detection range (fox sized target) The Arrow is a rear mounted digital NV add on to...
  17. S

    Win a Smock at the Deerstalking Fair this weekend.

    Hello. Just a reminder that we will be giving away a Ridgeline Smock on each day of the show at this weekends Pick up an entry form when you get your ticket and simply pop it in the entries box on our stand to win a Ridgeline Monsoon Smock on Saturday or a...
  18. S

    Setting up the Pulsar Forward DFA75 on your riflescope.

    Hello all, Please find a useful easy to follow document for all new owners of Pulsar Forward DFA75, and potential purchasers. It may seem a touch complex in places, but in a practical sense the system works well and we are happy to help our customers as and when required if they need help with...
  19. S

    The new Pulsar Digisight N750 Digital Night Vision Riflescope

    Hello all. We have been very lucky to be evaluating the new Pulsar Digisight N750 Digital Night Vision before its release later this year and have been asked by several members when we expect to be retailing them, and for more info etc, so thought we would post a brief evaluation/review. We...