no5 mk1

  1. Lee Enfield Collectors.

    Like a great many other rifle sportsman around the world, I have a great effection for Lee Enfield rifles. I very much enjoy informal range sessions, formal compertition, and am working towards stalking with these great historical rifles. I have three LE rifles, my No5 Mk1 (aka Jungle Carbine)...
  2. Lee Enfield Deer Stalking - No4 Mk2 vs No5 Mk1

    Good Afternoon All, Im very much the Lee Enfield Rifle nerd.... I have a couple of No4 Mk2 rifles (one of which is unfired with cosmo in action) and a No5 Mk1 aka the Jungle carbine. I am considering setting up a LE for woodland stalking in East Anglia where I live. I can shoot both rifles...