Stoney Creek - Purpose Built Shooting Clothing
  1. Newbie looking to learn!

    Hi, I’m Chris (known as cece), live on the north Norfolk coast but work in the southwest! Got experience with shotguns and air guns but looking to arm myself with the right information and a bit of experience to move up to FAC and become a part of the deer stalking community. all help and...
  2. Another Essex Stalker- Introduction

    Hi from Essex everyone (seems like there are a lot of us on here), I've been actively watching on the sidelines since lockdown in March, every night before bed checking for local opportunities which are unfortunately few and far between. However, I have finally taken the plunge to get more...
  3. Available: Deer culling experience

    We have three vacancies on the intermediate deer course in Houghton hall in Norfolk on the 3rd December. A great was to improve your skills Peter
  4. Available: Peg available for insured syndicate member

    Dear All, One of my regular Wednesday syndicate Guns has just had an operation on his hand and can't shoot with us this Wednesday 10th December. He has requested that we attempt to sell if for him, we will not make anything from this day. He will be happy with £500. 200-bird day, catered on...
  5. Available: 2 pegs this Friday in Norfolk

    We have 2 pegs for this Friday on a 200-bird day at £680 per peg. This is a fully-catered day which includes tea and coffee on arrival, elevenses in the field consisting of hot-sausages cooked in honey and whole-grain mustard with a drink of sloe gin and fizz. Back to the shoot hut for lunch...
  6. Available: Last minute cancelled peg

    I have had a last minute cancelled peg for tomorrow, 200 bird day in Norfolk fully catered. Make me an offer by PM if you are interested.
  7. Available: Driven Game Shooting on Norfolk Estates

    We currently have limited availability on our driven shoot on the following dates: Saturday 8th November, 200-birds at £733 per peg; Friday 21st November, 200-birds at £733 per peg; Friday 5th December, 250-birds at £916 per peg; Monday 22nd December, 200-birds at £733 per peg; Saturday 3rd...
  8. Available: Driven pheasant and partridge in Norfolk 4th and 6th December

    Hi, We have some availability on the following driven days: Wednesday 4th December, 200 birds fully catered at £720 per Gun, 4 pegs available; Friday 6th December, 150 birds fully catered at £540 per Gun, 5 pegs available. If you have any interest please do get in touch. Regards David
  9. Available: Late peg availability for driven game shooting

    We have the following availability on forthcoming driven shoots: Tuesday 19th November - 3 pegs on 200-bird day at £720 per Gun fully catered; Friday 22nd November - 3 pegs on 200-bird day at £720 per Gun fully catered; Tuesday 26th November - 3 pegs on 150-bird day at £540 per Gun fully...
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