New Avon Arms
  1. Sold: .30 cal Noslers & Norma Oryx Bullets

    BOTH SOLD .30 150 grain, Nosler Ballistic Tip £30 .30 180 grain, Norma Orxy - 66 off - £30 Price includes shipping.
  2. For Sale: Nosler 30cal (308) 150gr Spitzer Ballistic Tip

    As above, boxes of 50. £30.50 per box. 3 boxes £7.50 postage (Parcelforce tracked Insured)
  3. 300 Win 180 grain bullet recommendations - thanks.

    Good afternoon. Just back from a great week on the red hinds in Scotland. Great hunting and craic as always despite the best efforts of the weather. We sent a fair few away to the larder but feedback from the game dealer is not great. Clean entry but major exit hole damage with lots of meat...
  4. For Sale: Various bullets - good prices NEW

    Nosler 30 cal hunting bt (.308) 150gr £29.50 per 50 pack (5 available) can backorder Nosler varmageddon 22 cal ( 224) 35gr £48.50 per 250 pack ( 1 available) can backorder Sierra 2150 pro hunter 30 cal (308) 180gr sp spitzer £38.00 per 100 pack ( 2 available) can backorder Sierra 2310 pro...
  5. For Sale: Nosler Partition

    Hi, I'm selling 2 x new unopened boxes of Nosler Partition bullets, 165gn .30cal £75 delivered. Thanks for looking, Jeff.
  6. 308 win load ladder question, nosler 150 grain BT

    Hello all New to reloading, read lots on here, good vids on YouTube and currently reading nosler reloading manual. I am happy with the process ahead of my first attempt but unsure on power charge increments? My sako 308 likes factory loaded nosler 150 BTs and I like their performance on...
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