1. For Sale: Optilock Bases and Rings 34mm - low. Unused, complete and boxed.

    Unused, complete and still boxed. Set of Optilock bases and rings. Bases are Sako Short fitment. Stainless steel. See photos of packet below for suitable applications inc Sako 75 and Sako 85. Rings are 34mm - low height. Refer to photos below for details. £85.00 the complete set - including...
  2. Sold: Extended picatinny rail Sako 85/75 £40 posted

    An reversable extended picatinny rail that fits onto Optilock bases. Sku: 8-0013 Britannia Rail. I think the model is 7075. Black annodised alluminium. made to fit a Sako 85/75 action 3/S i.e. short, so: 7mm08, 308, 243, 260 22-250, 338 Federal gen2 Excellent condition. Reversable, so...
  3. For Sale: Hawke vantage 3-9x40ao

    Hawke vantage 3-9x40ao Scope in almost new condition. Great quality for a cheap scope. I used it for ratting for a while but no longer required. £70 https://uk.hawkeoptics.com/vantage-3-9x40-ao-mil-dot.html 1 inch Scope rings for Sako dovetail , old but great quality rings. One of the top...
  4. Optilock or picatinny?

    So I’ve just bought a Tikka T3x Roughtech in 243. I’ve always mounted my scopes using the tried and tested picatinny system. However, some people have been suggesting using Optilock … what’s everyone’s thoughts?
  5. Wanted: Optilock Tikka 11mm bases

    Wanted 11mm dovetail Optilock bases to fit Tikka T1x If anyone wants to sell. Cheers
  6. Sold: Sako Blue 30mm Optilocks with Bases. Medium Height.

    For sale: 1 pair of Sako Blue 30mm Optilocks with 3cm long bases and liners. Medium height (1cm) - suitable for scopes with upto 50mm objectives. Very good condition. Taken off my short action (.222) Sako 75 as I've now changed to a picatinny rail. Suitable for use with Sako 85. £85 inc P&P...
  7. Sold: Optilock rings blued 30mm

    Blued Optilock rings 30mm Believed to be medium height With the plastic inserts Fit both Sako and Tikka Optilock bases. £35 posted
  8. Sold: Steyr 69 SSG .308 SOLD

    Steyr Mannlicher 69 SSG in devastating .308 cal Heavy original external twist barrel, un threaded. 1 x 308 mag, 30mm opti lock rings. £550 ono Scope - Nightforce NF 12 -42 x 56 illuminated with NP2 R2 etched reticle and target turrets. £900 Serious set up for the long range shooter.
  9. For Sale: Optilock and BKL Mounts.

    Britannia Rails Tikka T3 / T3X Picatinny Extended Rail Reversible, aluminum as new SOLD Britannia 30mm High mounts with 20MOA inserts, these were used to mount a photon and keep the reticle in the centre. £45 Optilock blued Tikka bases and 30mm medium rings with inserts, they measure 36.5mm...
  10. Sako Quick Detachable Mounts/Rings

    Hi all, Having recently had Leupold QR mounts/rings on a rifle, I was exceptionally impressed with their repeatability and return to zero. As I have Sakos on the whole, I wondered if anyone had any experience with the Optilock QR mounts which I don't think I have seen before? I remember a...
  11. 20 MOA - two piece mounts

    Has anyone ever seen a mounting system which offers 20MOA using two separate mounts? It would be on a Sako 75 which makes things a bit harder give the mounting length can vary a little on the Optilock system. I don't want a rail on the rifle we're building so am looking at any two piece...
  12. Sako M591 varmint Optilock bases

    Hi all, After looking at the Optilock info online for bases to fit a Sako M591, I ordered some Sako short bases that finally arrived yesterday after a two week wait. Annoyingly, the front mount is too narrow and does not fit. Not ideal when I was hoping to get it assembled and zeroed for this...
  13. Opti-lok rings wanted

    Has anyone got any 25mm rings and inserts, blued for opti-lok mounts?