1. Scope recommendations

    Hi all, Currently using a Zeiss V4 3-12x56 on my 6.5 creed. A lovely scope, however I’d like something with ballistic turrets, a finer reticle and parallax adjustment. Budget would be around the £1000 mark. Ideally the reticle having a single dot for point of impact and not too cluttered with...
  2. Adjustable Parallax - How Essential?

    Interested in peoples thoughts on the following: how essential is adjustable parallax on a 2.5 - 10 scope that will only be used for deerstalking out to 250yds?
  3. New scope for rimfire - suggestions?

    I'm looking for a scope for my rimfire, switch barrel .22LR and 17HMR. I'd like zoom with parallax adjustment, I've narrowed it down to Vortex DiamondBack 4-16x42 or Nikon Monarch 4-16x42. Any experience of these or any other scopes that I should consider? Don't want to spend silly money.
  4. Hello from sunny Bedfordshire

    Hi You may or may not have heard about my little invention. Enter the AccuCover, it all started in my back garden 5 years ago with an air rifle. I will not go into every detail for fear of loosing an audience! Anyway after a lot of sweat and missed mortgage payments AccuCover finally hit the...