1. Face Mask for Big Game Specialists

    Handmade 100% cotton Face Mask Hand-crafted in Hertfordshire and made with superb attention to detail. PRICE: £12 Please complete payment online at:
  2. Standard format for permission letter?

    Good morning. My FAC is due for renewal soon and I was wondering if a standard format exists for "Permission to shoot" letters. I have permission from a few local farms and I want to keep things simple. regards Silverfox.
  3. New member in Berksshire!

    Hello I just joined today. I am 50 and started stalking 6 years ago. Since then I wanted to learn as much as possible as soon as possible so I did my DMQ level 1 & 2. I shoot as often as possible which is sadly not as often as i would like. I use a .308 with moderator and scope. I also...
  4. Wanted: Permission to shoot and Pest control - referral rewards for success!

    Trying to get back into shooting. Currently own a few air rifles (.22 and .177). Live in the Berkshire area and seeking opportunities to shoot small game and pests (pigeons, rats, rabbits, squirrels etc) with a friend a few times a year or as required. I am willing to pay a small fee for using...
  5. Wanted: Deer stalking syndicate or land to rent within Hertfordshire ?

    Well the search for new permission never ends... at the minute i have only one very small piece of land with a few muntjacs, its too small too shoot more than 2 - 3 a year. I am always trying to find new lands / woods to shoot. If anyone happens to know of any farmers , land owers or stalking...