1. For Sale: RS80 + Reloder 19

    2.4kg of RS80 £180 2 x 1lb Bottles of Reloder 19 £100
  2. For Sale: Viht N130 1kg tub

    Hi all, I have an opened 1kg tub of N130, very little used. I tried a few rounds in my 204. Asking £90, collection only. I am near Bath, Somerset.
  3. For Sale: Powder, bullets and .30-06 rounds (inc Varget)

    Two tubs of Varget - one appears full and one with c.100g in it. SOLD c.400g of IMR4831. £30. Sierra Gameking .257 117gn Spitzer boat tail - almost full box (possibly even full) - part no 1630 £15 Sierra .257 117gn Spitzer - almost full box again - part no 1640 £15 77 rounds of .30-06...
  4. Sold: RCBS 5-0-5 Releoding balance / scales

    In very good used condition, with box. Great scales, just not needed anymore. £65 posted RM insured. Sold pending...
  5. Wanted: Trail Boss

    Very much a long shot but looking to see of any individual in Sussex has Trail Boss powder they may have in surplus/stored (Pre Reach bought) that they may wish to sell?
  6. Sold: Reload Swiss RS50

    I have approximately 20 kilos of RS50 propellant which I am looking to move on. I got a great deal on it a while ago but Im never going to get through it as my work now buys my ammunition for me. I am looking for £50 per kilo which is nearly half the retail price. Will consider even better price...
  7. RS72 Rifle Powder for 6.5PRC?

    Hi. I'm sniffing about for a European (readilly available) rifle powder for a friends 6.5PRC. He intends to shoot 140gr SST or 130gr Nosler AB bullets (Nobody mention the Copper!). A member on here posted that RS gave him a recipe for his 6.5PRC using RS72? I've looked at a lot of sites and...
  8. Vihtavuori N135

    Does anyone have any experience of N135 with 110 / 130gr .308 bullets? Good? Bad? Indifferent? Any hints or tips? I'll be working up a load shortly with it so am keen to hear of others experiences / opinions. Thanks
  9. Sold: .243 Full reloading kit - £300 - EH47 pick up

    Full loading kit for sale .243 Calibre. I have a huge amount kit, all you’ll ever need and more, even a tumbling machine and medium for cleaning the rounds...the last photo (in the comments) is a list of the kit, including the Lyman bible...pick up in EH47, West Lothian as it’s too heavy to post...
  10. 222 rem reloading

    Hi I am trying to work out costs of reloading for the. 222 rem I currently don't have any scales for measuring powder I'm just using a wee Lee scoop I got with a kit, can anybody tell me the average number of rounds that can be reloaded from a 1lb tub of powder so I can work out how much each...
  11. Wanted: RS62 - Bucks or Bisley if poss

    Hi Folks Anybody got any sealed tubs of RS62 they want to part with. Preferably near to Aylesbury Bucks or Bisley.. Waiting for a delivery to arrive, but could do with some in between. Cheers Fs