Leica Amplus 6
  1. Hi

    Dale from East Anglia. Do a lot of pigeon & rabbit shooting, but don’t get much! 😂 Waiting on my FA licence to come through and trying to get a day/night scope in the meantime
  2. Chris Adamson

    Hi i am 29 years of age from Durham, i have been shooting since i was a boy. I mainly stalk but do try and get out on the pigeons. I lamp rabbits and fox and do get the occasional invited to driven bird days down Yorkshire
  3. Rabbits?

    Not many around where I am, in north Northants, and even on the sides of roads I drive along. The farms I walk seem to have very few about, and the usual places just don't seem to have many. Of the very few I've shot I've not seen anything that looks like myxy, so not sure what's causing this...
  4. Wanted: vermon control in staffordshire

    Hi everyone, just found out that the land I and others shoot over in Scotland has been leased to a higher bidder and we are loosing it in two mouths, is there anyone able to help. would be most grateful to any ideas. Experienced shot, mature (young 50yr) with all relevant certificates...
  5. Wanted: Permission to shoot and Pest control - referral rewards for success!

    Trying to get back into shooting. Currently own a few air rifles (.22 and .177). Live in the Berkshire area and seeking opportunities to shoot small game and pests (pigeons, rats, rabbits, squirrels etc) with a friend a few times a year or as required. I am willing to pay a small fee for using...
  6. Wanted: Rabbit, fox, pigeon in Bulford/Tidworth/Amesbury region

    Hello Id be interested in any opportunities for rabbit and fox control, especially on game shoots where members do not have the time/resources. Also pigeon opportunities. Im in the Tidworth area, but am able and willing to travel. Rifle and shotgun. Thanks
  7. Wanted: Rabbit shooting bristol help needed

    Hey guys. Im im willing to go rabbit shooting with someone just to help and gain some expirence before I move on to bigger things, I'll be willing to help with other things too, to gain expirence, like hunting foxes, birds, etc. I am currently using a .22 but also thinking about buying a new...
  8. Wanted: Ranbit hunting opportunity /pest control

    Hi there, I am looking for an opportunity in south part of UK for a rabbit hunting ground, I am a BASC member and an experienced smal game hunter, and we own a farm our self. If I get a permision on your ground you can be sure the job is cleanly done. I do my job with a silenced .22 FAC airgun...
  9. Rabbit Liver Question - help please

    Good morning gents, I Went out hunting last night for a few bunnies as i was supposed to be cooking up a stew today. It should have been a busy night, last time i went to this farm was spring and it was full of bunnies, i took 8 without even trying. However last night was barely a bunny to...
Leica Amplus 6