1. Sold: BSA Lightning GRT SE XL .22 air rifle with BSA scope

    BSA Lightning GRT SE XL .22 with mounted BSA scope Beautiful wood stock with nice sized cheek piece. Moderated. Sub 12 ftlbs no license required. New and unused personal item, never fired a shot, just scope mounted and left in the cupboard. Blemish less. Selling as I don't have use for...
  2. For Sale: 410 shotgun bolt action 1 left

    French single shot bolt action 410 shotgun, 2'' chamber. £70.00 Unknown single shot bolt action 410 2.5'' chamber. £70.00 SOLD Well used - as seen. Good projects. £25.00 rfd to rfd
  3. Night vision for rats

    Hi Guys, I am looking to get the .22 set up for rats. Can't afford thermal. Need something accurate/effective and fairly cheap. Interested in the yukons. Probably second hand one. Don't need to record it to my phone or any of that nonsense. Any recommendations? Alternatives second hand for £300...