1. paulbshooting

    300WM - question on case marks after firing

    Hello, after some advice please. Fairly new to reloading and enjoying the journey. Found a good safe load, I am very pleased with the accuracy and no pressure issues. But after firing, when cleaning and inspecting the fired cases, I am often finding case marks on the 300 Win Mag brass as per...
  2. paulbshooting

    308 win load ladder question, nosler 150 grain BT

    Hello all New to reloading, read lots on here, good vids on YouTube and currently reading nosler reloading manual. I am happy with the process ahead of my first attempt but unsure on power charge increments? My sako 308 likes factory loaded nosler 150 BTs and I like their performance on...
  3. 2428 miles

    Fussy Calibres

    I reload for two calibres .243 and .30-06. I have had great success with the .30-06 loading two differentrounds and finding sub MOA groupings very quickly. The .243 however has been the opposite end of the spectrum. It has taken many more rounds and is still not shooting as tighter groups as...