300WM - question on case marks after firing


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Hello, after some advice please. Fairly new to reloading and enjoying the journey.

Found a good safe load, I am very pleased with the accuracy and no pressure issues.

But after firing, when cleaning and inspecting the fired cases, I am often finding case marks on the 300 Win Mag brass as per photos.

Using new RWS brass, only now on second firing so far of new batch, prob every 4/10 cases have the marks.

No signs of material cracks, stress or issues just the indents / marks as shown.

Chamber is all clean and no obvious marks / issues.

Is this normal and maybe just the material moving under pressure?

Any guidance much appreciated.

300WM 2.jpg300WM 1.jpg300 WM3.jpg
Very odd Paul. Can't see how 4/10 would do that in the chamber. How are you ejecting them? Are some of them dinging themselves on the action when you cycle the bolt?
Thanks for the comments. Ejection dings makes sense, never really noticed if they caught anything but will take care at next firing session to see.

I assume that the cases are okay to reload and use or should I discard?
Personally I would reload them. The dings not look so big they would significantly effect case capacity or that they damaged structural integrity. Difficult to judge from the pics so only you can really judge.