1. 6.5 Creedmoor 95g VMAX OAL

    143 ELDX 2.810" OAL. I'm looking to reload with 95 grain VMAX which is much shorter bullet head, getting enough bullet in the neck for field use looks like OAL of 2.640" OAL. This is quite a jump to lands. Has anyone tried 95 grain VMAX in 6.5 Creedmoor. I have seen a couple of posts on line...
  2. For Sale: Fox Bullets - various - Copper

    Fox Classic hollow point copper bullets Boxes contain 50 bullets. 2 boxes of 5.56mm (.224) 55gr. - £33 per box. All prices are well below RRP and my last lot in stock. So grab a bargain. £4.50 postage
  3. Start of reloading journey/money pit

    A friend of mine and I decided that we were going to take the plunge and have a rack at it. We bought the Lee challenger kit and started on the little 222 rem calibre to save powder as we learned. Started with PPU virgin brass and had a choice between the 55g and 50g vmax bullets, mate uses the...
  4. For Sale: 22-250 & 243 Brass - Winchester & Privvi

    Once fired brass available see pictures postage £3 UK 1) 40 x 243 Winchester VarmintX Cases - £15 2) 68 x PPU 243 Winchester 100gr Cases - £10 3) 60 x PPU 22-250 Remington Cases - £10
  5. Wanted: 204. Cases/ Bullet Heads

    Looking for UNFIRED/ ONCE FIRED .204R cases. Stored in good condition. Hornady, Federal, Remington. Thanks Bruce
  6. Sold: Lee Loadall 12 Gauge

    Lee Loadall for sale, never used all bits still in the box and a steel shot load manual. Never got around to using it. Can post, located North Shropshire. £50
  7. For Sale: Fox bullets for loading (Copper)

    FOX bullets at extremely competitive prices. Copper-Zinc Alloy monolithic Hunting bullets with plastic tipped hp. Lead-free with field-proven expansion. BOXES OF 50 - CLASSIC HUNTER 5.6MM (224) 55GR £36.50 PER BOX 2 AVAILABLE -CLASSIC HUNTER 30 (308) 150GR £47.50 PER BOX 2 AVAILABLE...
  8. For Sale: Budget 17cal fragmentable bullets for loading

    Value bullet company 17gr .17 cal Fragmentable bullets for reloading. Great value option, seen some good results. A mere £25.50 per 500. I also have a couple of 100 packs I believe I could do for £5.10 Postage is £5.50 tracked.
  9. For Sale: Bullets for loading - Sierra. Prices dropped!

    BOXES OF 100 Sierra Varminter 40gr Softpoint Hornet 22 cal 223. Code 1100. Now £17.50 per box. 1 Available Sierra Spitzer 180gr 303 cal 311. Code 2310. Now £30.00 per box. 2 available Sierra 224 40gr HP code 1385. Now £19 per box. 2 Available Sierra varminter 22 cal 224 40gr HP...
  10. Getting started with reloading

    So I’ve been wanting to get into reloading for a while, but don’t really know where to start. What do I need in terms of kit and equipment? How do I know what the right amounts of powder etc are? What would everyone recommend
  11. Wanted: Trail Boss

    Very much a long shot but looking to see of any individual in Sussex has Trail Boss powder they may have in surplus/stored (Pre Reach bought) that they may wish to sell?
  12. Sold: Once fired 243 Brass

    140 Once fired Federal 243 brass boxed £40 including postage
  13. Sold: Redding 300 win mag die set

    Brand new never used 300win mag die set with shell holder. £100 Ono posted
  14. Reloading

    Hi, I'm a lapsed member and just re-registered via a new PW. I'm retired so can shoot a lot - foxing, deer stalking, vermin control, driven boar (occasionally), driven game, clays (various disciplines) and re-load my 22-250 and the next stage will be re-loading my 30-06. I live in SE Essex but...
  15. Sold: *REDUCED * 6.5 Creedmoor Hornady Brass

    Had an offer I couldn’t refuse on Lapua brass, so have some of my very cared for Hornady brass for sale. All stainless tumbled, nice and bright, primer pockets uniformed. Annealed before sizing every time. 41 of 1x fired (annealed) - £15 posted 64 of 3x fired - £12 posted 60 of 4x fired -...
  16. Sold: Hornady .223 Once fired brass

    461 x once fired brass in .223 REM flavour. All once popped from Hornady match factory ammo originally. All stainless Tumbled so nice and shiny inside and out! some have writing on from case volume testing. All Decapped. Hornady Match factory 73gr ELD-M ammo has crimped primers, so cases will...
  17. Frankford Arsenal Rotary Tumbler Lite Problem

    Anybody have any problems with their tumbler not 'tumbling' properly? I have tried mine with all different amounts of brass, pins and water but it never seems to get the tumbling action going properly, the brass and pins just sit at the bottom of the container as it goes round instead of up the...
  18. Reloading copper 6.5x55

    Decided to try reloading copper & chose Barnes ttsx 120 in 6.5x55 After doing the usual working up from min to max (at 50 thou off lands) i found my best grouping was between 43gr & 43.5gr of Viht N160 so settled on 43.2gr. Then I played with seating depth going up in 10 thou increments from 50...
  19. Vihtavuori N135

    Does anyone have any experience of N135 with 110 / 130gr .308 bullets? Good? Bad? Indifferent? Any hints or tips? I'll be working up a load shortly with it so am keen to hear of others experiences / opinions. Thanks
  20. Barnes TTSX 130gr in .30

    Does anyone know where I can buy some Barnes TTSX 130gr bullets to reload in .30 calibre? I've run out and can't seem to find any more anywhere! Thanks Tom