1. Reloading

    Any good loads for 58 grain v max in 20 inche barrel 243 for fox
  2. Bullet Drop Very Different To Calculator

    Ok so first thing is first I don’t have a chronograph (yet). Currently thinking I may get one but also wondering if there is a point I reload my 6.5 Creedmoor with 34gr of N-150 in Peterson SRP brass. Using a hornady 143gr ELD-x seated to the max COL (recommended by hornady) of 2.800” which is...

  4. For Sale: .308 Hornady & S&B brass

    500 S&B once fired brass in the original 20 round boxes £30/100 Inc P&P to UK mainland. 110 Hornady once fired brass in the original 20 round boxes £35/110 Inc P&P to UK mainland.
  5. For Sale: Reloading dies - RCBS .308 Neck, .222 Neck, Redding .300 WSM Neck & Seating

    Following a rationalisation of my reloading kit I have decided to sell the following dies as I do not use them: RCBS .222 Rem NECK sizer die (P/N 10930) - As new (Not used since bought) in original box etc. £35 + P&P SOLD RCBS .308 Rem NECK sizer die (P/N 15530) - As new (Not used since...

    Kit Includes: • Partner Press • M500 Mechanical Scale • Case Lube Pad • Case Lube—2 • Universal Case Load Block • Case Neck Brushes • .17-.60 Debur Tool • Accessory Handle—2 • Powder Funnel • Nosler #7 Reloading Manual £230 posted

    Press Type: Single Stage Frame Material: Cast Iron Frame Design: O-Frame Frame Offset: Frame Opening Size: Handle Location: Bottom Right or Left hand Die Size Accepted: Standard 7/8"-14 threaded dies and 1-1/4"-12 dies with bushing removed Die Bushing Accepted: Yes Die Bushing Brand Used...
  8. Sold: 22-250 & 30-06 Redding Dies

    UPDATE - BOTH SOLD Thanks gents 👍🏼
  9. Glenn Jaye

    I live in British Columbia, Canada in the city of Prince George. I have been in the Canadian Military and, subsequently, was a Peace Officer until I retired some years ago. I am a graduate firearms service technician and I repair, modify and refinish both modern and nor-so-modern firearms. I am...
  10. Reloading equipment in an outside shed

    Just putting the finishing touches to my reloading area the press, bench primer and powder despenser are all bench mounted in an outside unheated shed. My worry is rust and damp might start to set in. Does anybody else have their setup outside like this and how do you find it? Any ways you keep...
  11. Reloading lube

    Just wondering what other folks are using for lubricating their cases. I will be full size resizing every time.
  12. Barnes TSX/TTSX/LRX reloading, 30-06.

    Hi all, I’m finally getting round to working up a non lead load for UK stalking, all species, in 30-06. I’m currently using RL15, 178gr ELDX heads, which I’m really happy with and find hugely accurate with great stopping power and not very much meat damage. I have shot the federal trophy copper...
  13. For Sale: 12bore shotgun roll crimp tool reloading

    As above £20 Inc postage
  14. New member from Germany - Survey on rare caliber ammunition

    Dear all, my name is Christoph Dehnhardt, I am based in Germany. I joined the forum, because I am conducting a study in various countires (European + South Africa) to assess the availability (or the unmet need) for rare caliber ammunition. This study is commissioned by a group of hunters, who...
  15. For Sale: NEW NORMA BRASS .223R £57.50 .204 RUGER £75.00 ALL PER 100 POSTAGE £6.00

    NEW NORMA BRASS .223 £57.50 .204 £75.00 ALL PER 100 Postage £6.00 01862892171
  16. For Sale: Nosler 30cal (308) 150gr Spitzer Ballistic Tip

    As above, boxes of 50. £30.50 per box. 3 boxes £7.50 postage (Parcelforce tracked Insured)
  17. Sold: Mec Steelmaster shotgun reloading USED 10b Press

    Private sale As above for 10bore Load up all your non-toxic as well as lead 10bore/10guage loads! Good working used condition, everything is as per photograph. RRP New is £375 to £425 plus post. Price used here is £285.00 posted to your door (postage is expensive as it's heavy, so good deal...
  18. 222 rem reloading

    Hi I am trying to work out costs of reloading for the. 222 rem I currently don't have any scales for measuring powder I'm just using a wee Lee scoop I got with a kit, can anybody tell me the average number of rounds that can be reloaded from a 1lb tub of powder so I can work out how much each...
  19. Sold: Lee quick trim die

    As above, in .222. New, cased and never used. £15 posted
  20. Fox Lead Free Homeloads

    Hi All, One of my landowners has asked that I only use lead free ammunition going forward. I've therefore ordered some lead free bullets from Fox for me to reload. I've gone for 150gr bullets in .308. I'll be reloading them in Sako brass with CCI primers with N140 powder. Has anyone got any...
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