1. dmouland

    For Sale: Various dies

  2. dmouland

    For Sale: 10 Bore reloading set-up

    Can I please come and view? I have PMd you
  3. Rupert J

    Sold: RCBS 22-250 die set

  4. Z

    Vertical groupings?

    Someone told me in a Gunshop that shot strings in a line were due to loose stock bolts. They said front stock bolt made the line of shots go vertical and the rear bolt horizontal, or vice versa. But then someone I met on the moors with a pointer said it lifts the front leg pointing feather and...
  5. S


  6. Rupert J

    Sold: .223 dies

  7. Backstop

    Sold: Lyman Turbo Tumbler 1200 pro

  8. Rupert J

    Sold: Lee .243 dies swap for .223?

  9. 2teal

    For Sale: Federal 243 Brass in boxes

  10. 2teal

    Sold: IMI 308 Brass