1. Backstop

    Sold: Lyman Turbo Tumbler 1200 pro

    Provisionally Sold to Doz. Also for sale is unused BNIB gift Lyman Turbo Tumbler 1200 Pro See photos Currently £75.95 delivered on a popular market place website £70 including insured Hermes delivery Item weight 4.2 Kg
  2. Backstop

    Sold: Hornady Lock N Load Progressive AP press, Dies & Manuals - As New

    For sale my Hornady Lock N Load progressive AP 5 stage press including all accessories for this model (powder thrower, collection tub, primer feed/collection) I am selling this a a complete package. This was given to me as a gift a few years ago. However, I have only ever assembled the unit and...
  3. dmouland

    For Sale: Clear-Out. .222 dies, .222 brass cases and .224'' bullets

    Various reloading bits and pieces for .222 Dies Lee .222 quick trim die Lee .222 Full resize die lee .223 bullet seater (All will be cleaned. I have found the .223 seater functions just fine for .222) £25 posted Brass cases 38 x...
  4. Rupert J

    Sold: Lee .243 dies swap for .223?

    As title, I have a set of 2 Lee dies for .243 Win which I'd like to swap for .223 Rem if anyone has any. These dies are not new, but are in good condition. I have not used them, but they appear to be good. No box though. If interested please PM me. If you have some .223 dies but don't wish to...
  5. 2teal

    For Sale: Federal 243 Brass in boxes

    For sale price drop 100 Federal 243 brass once fired £25 collected £4 postage 2teal
  6. 2teal

    Sold: IMI 308 Brass

    For sale 420 once fired IMI 308 brass 260 are loose - 160 in plastic holders £40 the lot collected Will post at extra £4 per 100 2teal
  7. D

    Vectan SP7 .308 Load Data

    Hi, I've been trawling around the internet and I'm struggling to find any "good" load data for the Vectan SP7 Powder. Their website has a very basic data table, covering maybe around 5 weights/bullet types. I'm going to load...
  8. dmouland

    Adjusting the triggers on a Baikal MP221 side by side rifle

    Hi all, After advice on how i can personally adjust the triggers on a Baikal mp221 double rifle in 3006 cal? They are a staggering 7.5lbs. Ideal weight would be 3-4 lbs. Thanks
  9. S

    45-70 Gvt. Reloading for Henry rifle

    Hi All, I have ordered a nice new Henry Colour Case Hardened rifle in 45-70gvt, it should arrive in the next few weeks and I'm doing my homework on the best route for reloading. The purpose of the gun is for Lever gun comps, general paper punching, historic/cowboy themed shoots etc. (I'm not...
  10. dmouland

    For Sale: Lyman Pro 500 beam scales unused with box

    Lyman Pro 500 beam scales unused with box. Never used as have stuck with my RCBS beams, kept these as a back up but have never needed them or used them. As new just been unboxed but comes in original box. £55 posted
  11. dmouland

    For Sale: Vit n140 1kg powder

    Bottle of 1KG VihtaVuori N140 powder for reloading. Opened but not used. Collection nr Brighton in East Sussex. £50
  12. W

    Wanted: Tumbler

    Hello all, I'm looking for a tumbler, I don't reload a huge amount so nothing overly flash, but something that's in good working order. Anything out there? Cheers
  13. MikeZZZ

    For Sale: Reloading bits

    Having a clear out of unwanted/unused reloading items: RCBS M500 Mechanical scale NEW. £75 RCBS Advanced Powder Measure Stand NEW. £20 RCBS Uniflow Powder Measure NEW £85 Lee Improved Powder Measure Kit. NEW £8 All items plus Postage. Can collect Chepstow or meet from Bristol M4 to Oxford.

    For Sale: 9.3 x 74 Cases New

    I have some 9.3 x 74 cases new for sale 75p each I have reloaded some from the same batch and they work well 100 off for £55 delivered uk
  15. N

    For Sale: .308 Win Dies / Brass / Bullets / Powder / Primers

    [Introduction copied from other thread in Firearms sub-forum.] Hello Chaps, Unfortunately, my deer stalking "career" has become something of a comedy of errors over the last few years. What started off as an exciting prospect of good hunting and a new branch of shooting to explore has been...
  16. S

    Wanted: .300 win mag brass

    Hi All, Another year another new cal to develop reloads for! I am after some components for .300wm, below is a list that I need to procure to begin reloading, and I am happy to use second hand dies. .300wm Brass (pref. once fired) Set of Lee dies I appreciate any bits that anyone has...
  17. G0JSM

    Blazer Stutzen k95 in 6.5x57

    My friend has bought one of the above in 6.5x57 it's a shame he didn't meet the man he had bought it off as he built his own bullets and we could have used his knowledge. Anyhow I built him some bullets and after measuring his rifle pushed them back from the lands. He fired ten of them and they...
  18. G0JSM

    Ultrasonic cleaners

    Hi folks I'm a keen reloader and have been for twenty plus years. I've seen these ultrasonic cleaner advertised and watched the results on you tube. I'm impressed with some of the results but very few show the insides of the case. Ok you could say this is the height of fanny ing about. But any...
  19. dmouland

    Wanted: .222 sako brass

    .222 Sako brass wanted. New or once fired is fine. Please give me a PM if you have any for sale
  20. dmouland

    Sold: New Lyman gen 5 electric scales

    Hi all, I'm looking for a supplier of new lyman gen 5 scales. Everyone seems to be out of stock at the moment, everywhere has them on backorder... is there any RFD's out there with one left?