remington 700 stock

  1. Sold: Remington 700 stock

    Remington 700 short action magpull stock vector n coyote colour. Taken of my 260. Comes with trigger guard and screws and magazine £150 +postage or can deliver local to Edinburgh south area
  2. Sold: Joe West Rem 700 thumbhole stock

    Joe West Thumbhole stock Remington 700 short action / clone footprint and Tier 1 (3rd eye) detach mag bottom metal. Varmint channel, pillars installed. Recoil pad and studs In superb condition as shown in photos. Stock £200 Bottom metal £100 Stock buyer has first dibs on metal.
  3. Sold: Remington 700 SA Mountain Stock.

    Gents . I am currently on the 5th stock for my 700 , and I'm rather hoping this is the end of my "Remington stock dance" . Anyway , this is a "Mountain" type , I believe that this means it is slightly slimmer in the fore end , but not claiming to be an expert here guys I think that's about the...