remington 700 stock

  1. For Sale: Remington 700 SA Mountain stock.

    Gents . I am currently on the 5 stock for my 700 , and I'm rather hoping this is the end of my "Remington stock dance" . Anyway , this is a "Mountain" type , I believe that this means it is slightly slimmer in the fore end , but not claiming to be an expert here guys I think thats about the...
  2. Sold: Bell and carlson stock

    Stock for rem 700 short action. It has some scuffs and scratches. It has been bedded. Looking for £140 posted
  3. Sold: HS Precision stock £150 rem 700 sa

    Hs precision stock for sale Inlet for remington 700 short action Located near Thirsk Can be posted £150 but open to offers Would swap for some muntjac stalking Pics to follow
  4. Sold: Magpul Hunter 700 SA stock and accesories

    For Sale: Magpul Hunter 700 stock, to fit short action Remington 700 or clones/customs. Aluminium and polymer construction Like this: Comes with the following (vital?) accesories: Cheek riser selection (cost new...
  5. Sold: Remington 700 Varmint stock Short action

    Anyone have a used Remington 700 Varmint stock Short action ? bought a gun off someone on here and it was described as mint but the stock it useless as it have been badly inlet , please PM me.
  6. Sold: Third eye tactical stock

    For rem 700 sa. Come with 3 rails for the foreend. Has a doling stock. Looking for £400 ono posted Pics can be supplied by email as it won't let me upload thwm from my phone.