1. Cawdor118

    Blaser R8 Rimfire

    Has anyone else seen the new addition to the blaser range with a R8 Rimfire conversion? I know they did it with the R93, but will it really be worth the £1000 more than a decent Rimfire currently is? Looks intreaging.
  2. dmouland

    For Sale: Anschutz 1417 with scope and moderator .22lr £425.00

    As above Good working condition with some scratches on stock from use (not on the glass or scope) 14'' barrel with recessed crown bolt action Hawke Vantage Scope 10 shot metal magazine Sak Moderator 2 stage light trigger £425.00 RFD to RFD £25.00 extra Grab an excellent deal on a great...
  3. C

    When to clean or oil your rifle

    Hi All As a relatively new shooter I have what might be a very basic question and if so I apologize. My question is when should you clean and/or oil your rifle barrel and/or mechanism. There are thousands of articles and videos out there on HOW to do this but no one seems to tell you when you...
  4. tjm160

    Anyone use Lightstream 5-20x50 on Centrefire?

    Do any members have experience of using a Lightstream 5-20x50 on a Centrefire rifle? Ill health forced the sale of my firearms and surrender of my certificates 18-months ago, but I am now finally thankfully close to being able to re-apply and so just starting to look at the shopping list...
  5. Virbius

    New scope for rimfire - suggestions?

    I'm looking for a scope for my rimfire, switch barrel .22LR and 17HMR. I'd like zoom with parallax adjustment, I've narrowed it down to Vortex DiamondBack 4-16x42 or Nikon Monarch 4-16x42. Any experience of these or any other scopes that I should consider? Don't want to spend silly money.
  6. JDR

    For Sale: Now selling Remington and Marlin rifles

    Another really exciting announcement here: we're now able to offer almost the full range of Marlin and Remington rifles and accessories. Also Remington and Barnes reloading components and ammo and Harrington & Richardson shotguns. So much stuff available, it would take till New Year to put it...
  7. A

    Sold: CZ 453 ‘Premium’ Limited Edition .17HMR right handed bolt action stock...

    CZ 453 'Premium' Limited Edition .17 HMR Bolt Action Rifle - (Right Handed) with abolish scroll work design to the gun stock - believe only 200 were sold. Reason for sale is to get a custom thumbhole stock. BARGAIN!!! - £85 delivered....
  8. A

    Sold: .22lr Cz bolt action rifle setup

    For Sale: .22lr Cz bolt action - right handed rifle for sale. Comes with a 3x9x50 Hawke Scope, sling (which will be the brown one separately uploaded) & Parker Hale moderator. I have done a Kyron 4 coat krylon camo paint job on the rifle and mod & lacquered it. £200 including RFD NEW...
  9. dmouland

    Sold: .22wmr (magnum rimfire) rifle

    .22wmr marlin 25m rifle comes threaded with thread protector. Hawke mounts, generic bipod, trigger kit fitted, aftermarket camoflage stock and rubber bolt top. £160 collected from nr brighton, east sussex. Can do rfd to rfd transfer for additional £20. If collected, comes with 350 rounds of...
  10. madyarra

    Sold: CZ 452 American .17hmr

    For sale, my CZ452 American .17hmr rifle, comes with 5 and 10 shot mag. A SAK moderator can also be included, rifle will have seen under 600 rounds. Hawk night-eye 4-16x50 scope in sports match mounts. Would rather get it away as the whole shabang but will consider splitting, face to face or...
  11. dmouland

    For Sale: .22WMR rifle with extras

    Marlin 25M .22wmr bolt action rifle set-up Bedded in an aftermarket real tree stock. Sling and Harris bipod. Microgroove barrel threaded 1/2 x 20 UNF with thread protector. Mounts. 7rd metal magazine Sako rubber bolt cover fitted for easy bolt use Mcarbo Trigger kit fitted 279 rounds of...
  12. trucraft

    For Sale: Anschutz 1415 - 1416 .22

    Selling my .22 I have owned this rifle for several year now. It has had light use each year and well looked after. It has some wear/ chips on the stock but as you can see in great condition really. Paddy Dane chopped and rethreaded the barrel to 14 inches and it has made this a really usable...
  13. Backstop

    Sold: CZ 452 Silhouette . 22LR - Scope - sound mod - 3 magazines. Hardly used.

    Mods, I hope you don't mind me posting this on behalf of my elderly father who isn't too up to speed with IT. Please remove my post if unacceptable. My Father is selling his almost unused CZ 452 .22 rim fire 'Silhouette' model with composite stock. He has owned the rifle from new and has...
  14. Blackdog

    Looking to replace my .22 rimfire

    I am looking to replace my rather tired Mauser 107 .22 lfb bolt action rifle. I have seen the CZ 452 silhouette but now also the zkm 455 thumbhole. There is also the Weihrauch HW 60 and the Anschutz XIV. does anyone own any of the above or have any sound advice please? I currently run a 12"...