Blaser R8 Rimfire


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Has anyone else seen the new addition to the blaser range with a R8 Rimfire conversion? I know they did it with the R93, but will it really be worth the £1000 more than a decent Rimfire currently is? Looks intreaging.


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There was a lot of discussion about this when the R93 version came out and as you say the main problem was that you could have picked up a first class 22 rifle etc. for a lot less cash than the Blaser "conversion." However, as was pointed out at the time it did allow you to practice with the rifle, trigger and even scope that you were using on your main stalking rifle. For some people who shoot a lot I guess the saving in ammo costs might even allow it to pay for itself. For a leftie like myself being able to just change the bolt head saves hunting around for a left hand 22 to buy :)

In view of the fact that they are making such a conversion available for the R8 I would be inclined to think they sold enough of them in the R93 to make them worthwhile to Blaser in terms of profit so they must be selling to someone.

bowji john

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Does anyone know the price of this conversion - I can't see any reference to it

Love the idea of one rifle to cover every caliber I would need, but I'm not about to throw away my cz to then pay £1000+ for a new barrel