1. O

    Muzzle Brake for Blaser R8

    Hi, I have a Blaser R8 with a .308 fluted match barrel. Thread is 18 x 1. I want to put a muzzle brake on it fro driven shooting Can anyone recommend a good muzzle brake? I know Blaser do one as well as a lot on independents. Anyone got experience of any?
  2. scotch_egg

    For Sale: Blaser Cases

    Blaser Type B Case new and unused. This is the airline case. £210. Blaser Type B cover. Leather twill slip. As per the link. New and unused. £100. One available. Please view the link to see how good the saving is over new. Twill/leather cover, type B | Blaser Store
  3. G

    For Sale: Blaser r93

  4. dmouland

    Sold: Blaser saddle/rings 30mm r93 r8

  5. Cawdor118

    Blaser R8 Trigger Unit

  6. dmouland

    Help with Blaser R93 scope mounting

  7. Cawdor118

    Blaser Stocks

  8. Krabryn

    Wanted: Blaser K95

  9. M

    Ring Mount for Blaser