1. Looking for Blaser items to build a rifle

    Hi chaps I’m looking for a complete bolt housing if possible with a medium bolt head Or could anyone tell me a price brand new please struggling to find online. Also a grs stock for a R8 Also if possible 6.5 creedmore barrel cheers any help would be Greatly appreciated
  2. Sold: Blaser 30mm rings for saddle mount, Rings only

    30mm Blaser rings for Blaser saddle mount - R8, R93 etc - £50 I have replaced these rings on a Blaser saddle mount with tier one tactical rings (with bubble and greater security on a 300 win mag) hence spare. They may be of interest to someone who already has a saddle set up for another...
  3. Sold: Blaser saddle mount with original 30mm rings and extra 30mm Blaser ring set

    1, Genuine Blaser saddle mount that will fit R8, R93 K95 etc with 30mm rings Good condition and light use, very minor, inconsequential marking - pictures below, £300 posted, I will send in a padded die box (green redding one shown) that will protect the saddle 2, Additional pair of 30mm...
  4. Thomas Nowak Blaser BBF95 Stocks

    Thomas Nowak make synthetic stocks for break action Blaser rifles. I have emailed them several times but have never had a reply. Has anyone on here ever managed to order one? Home I read about them in a fascinating interview with the German explorer, Volker Lapp. I have tried emailing the...


  7. For Sale: Blaser R8 leather success package

    Advertising for a friend: Blaser R8 Success Leather 308, Fluted and factory threaded, Blaser saddle mounts, Zeiss Victory HT 2.5-10x50 with ASV+, Titanium Pro moderator, Rig is basically new only fired 40 rounds to break in and zero. Shooting tiny groups with the first ammo tried. €6200 (euro)...
  8. Tier One Blaser Carbon Bipod

    Afternoon all and happy weekend! Has anyone bought a Tier One Blaser Bipod and fitted it to a Blaser R8 yet? The new adapter type with pan and tilt? I'm after a photo and opinions of what they are like. Cheers
  9. Tier One Tactical Bipod

    Evening all! Has anyone got a Tier One Tactical Bipod on a Blaser R8 by chance? I see there is a new Blaser adapter that looks more like a picatinny style? Whats your thoughts of it?
  10. Wanted: R93 22LR Barrel

    Hi there, I'm keeping my eye out for a 22lr barrel for an R93. If you know of one for sale or know anyone who might be willing to part with theirs please let me know. Many thanks Matthew
  11. Blaser Binoculars

    For those of you who may be after a new set of non RF binoculars. I was at Moy Game Fair today and R Macleod (Tain) had some Blaser 8x and 10x Blaser Binoculars there. I must admit for £995 they are optically fantastic.(may be a show price only?). I have no affiliation, but i must admit they...
  12. Blaser R8 Rimfire

    Has anyone else seen the new addition to the blaser range with a R8 Rimfire conversion? I know they did it with the R93, but will it really be worth the £1000 more than a decent Rimfire currently is? Looks intreaging.
  13. Sold: Blaser R93 .223rem barrel only - £265.00

    Blaser R93 barrel only - 223 rem Threaded 1/2 UNF Good bore - excellent crown. Good black barrel Open sights removed for use of over-barrel style moderator £265.00 Add another £25.00 for RFD to RFD
  14. Muzzle Brake for Blaser R8

    Hi, I have a Blaser R8 with a .308 fluted match barrel. Thread is 18 x 1. I want to put a muzzle brake on it fro driven shooting Can anyone recommend a good muzzle brake? I know Blaser do one as well as a lot on independents. Anyone got experience of any?
  15. Sold: Blaser Cases

    Blaser Type B Case new and unused. This is the airline case. £210. Blaser Type B cover. Leather twill slip. As per the link. New and unused. £100. One available. Please view the link to see how good the saving is over new. Twill/leather cover, type B | Blaser Store
  16. For Sale: Blaser r93

    Blaser R93 - 6.5x55mm in great condition and extremely accurate with the following included:Blaser double barrel rifle case (as per picture) for breakdown Threaded Semi weight barrel Wild Cat Moderator Muzzle break Sling Allen key for take down and assembly £1750 ono Please note the scope is...
  17. Sold: Blaser saddle/rings 30mm r93 r8

    Blaser saddle mount/rings for R93 and R8. 30mm rings. Excellent condition £275.00 inc postage Sold my Blaser r93 and now these need to go.
  18. Wanted: European style Swivels for sling to fit smaller studs

    Hi all, Has anyone here got any sling swivels they are looking to get rid of or sell? Looking a pair i.e. a set of two. European style, so these have a narrower pin to fit the studs with smaller holes found on Blaser rifles and rifles like the Baikal mp221. Thank you
  19. Blaser R8 Trigger Unit

    Anyone know where I can buy a new trigger unit? *The only place I can find is Swillingtons.
  20. A Scottish trip to remember - Part 1

    Back in November I happened to mention to the boss if he had any contacts in Scotland for hind shooting. Within an hour I had two days booked for the end of January, along with accomodation and the boat from Northern Ireland. The destination was Glen Clova. I had also mentioned to a Scottish...
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