roe doe

  1. First deer, unforgettable

    Yesterday I was lucky enough to go out stalking, it was a slightly dull grey day in Somerset, tinged with spots of blue here and there. I’ve been stalking only once before and on that occasion I didn’t manage to see any deer that wasn’t through the thermal spotting scope of my stalker. Today...
  2. Roe Doe enjoying summer

    Roe Doe enjoying summer
  3. Available: Gloucestershire Roe doe and Muntjac Stalking

    We are taking bookings for this coming season for Roe doe and Muntjac stalking on our 5,000 acre Estate in Gloucestershire 2 Guides available. We prefer to walk, but high seats are available if preferred. £70 a session per person (usually 3 hours) Roe doe prices are: £50 per Roe Doe...
  4. Available: Heavy Discounted Hinds & Roe Does Due To Tree Damage

    Hi guys, I just got a call from Griff this mng, and it seems that we have a couple of spots getting hit by the roe and red hinds. I'm looking to put some teams out through Feb to get some females of both species, (mainly Roe), in order to reduce numbers a bit more. I'm looking at 2-4 people...