1. For Sale: Ruger M77 .22-250rem threaded

    As above, RUGER M77 mk 2 . 22-250 calibre Threaded. Excellent woodwork. £250.00 Inc rfd fees.
  2. Sold: Ruger M77 Bolt action .308 Win with rings and scope £295.00

    RUGER M77 .308 RIFLE 2015 stamped and Bore-scoped by myself recently -excellent bore. - perhaps either entered for re-proof or barrel replaced in 2015. Serial number starts 71 - 0 Approx year '74-75 -wood stock good dark bluing on a heavy barrel good bore and crown bolt-action comes with...
  3. Sold: 22wmr Ruger 77/22 All Weather

    Ruger 77/22 all weather in 22wmr. Rifle is in good condition with a comfy functional stock, stainless action and barrel screw cut 1/2unf. This is a nice short little rifle which makes it very pointable and would be a great truck gun. Trigger is light, crisp and predictable and it groups about...
  4. For Sale: Ruger 22 Hornet All Weather 77/22 Macmillan Stock plus...

    **SOLD** Ruger 77/22 22 Hornet All Weather Heavy Barrel Screw cut (thread cover) 25mm correct mounts Macmillan stock (original laminated stock included) Timny trigger this little bugger shot well out of the box but not good enough for me so I changed the stock (imported from America) and...
  5. For Sale: Ruger and Leupold Rifleman 1 inch mounts

    For sale, Used: Ruger 1" blued mounts. Cosmetically as shown- some scratching to underside of base of one mount, does not affect function and not visible once mounted. £45 NOW £40 posted UK Leupold Rifleman 1inch Mounts, High, Weaver/Picatinny, Aluminium. £20 NOW £15 posted UK
  6. For Sale: Ruger No 1 Tropical in 375 H&H. Excellent condition - £850 ono.

    Ruger No 1 Tropical in 375 H&H. Excellent condition with only one tiny handling mark on the stock. Shot count of less than 100. Also comes with 15 rounds and about 35 once fired cases and a Lee die set. One inch Ruger scope rings also included. These rifles are perfect for plains game. This...
  7. Wanted: 45/70 jacketed bullets need

    Hi all. Do any of you have any jacketed 45/70 bullets for sale or know of a dealer who has any. Please let me know I need to feed my Ruger no.1
  8. For Sale: Ruger 10/22 factory stock

    Good condition Ruger 10/22 wood stock, normal factory design and spec. Inc metal butt plate, no barrel clamp nor action set screw. Probably discarded when new after market stock fitted. Came as unwanted part of an auction lot, selling to offset cost of bits I did want! Only £20 plus postage.
  9. Wanted: 45/70 bullets, cases and tools wanted

    Hi all, as it’s coming up to Christmas I’ve decided to give a homeless Ruger no1 in 45/70 a home. So I need the following cases, jacketed bullets, auto prime shell holder, Lee cutter. And lock stud. Mtm boxes Please remember a 45/70 is for life not just Christmas. Pm me what you would have...
  10. Wanted: Ruger No.1 wanted in 45/70

    Hi all. It’s renewal time again and I’ve put in for a 45/70. I’m looking for a second hand Ruger No.1. Do any of you know if there is one for sale? And how much. now sorted. Thanks for the help
  11. For Sale: Ruger 22 Boyds Laminate Stock

    The thread is for the bottom of the two stocks, with the top one already sold. The stock shows signs of bedding where the receiver lies, but completely unmarked on the visible parts of the stock. Don bought this in May 2012 RUG-77/22-FT-SI-PL. Rimfire Thumbhole Ruger 77/22 Factory Barrel Stock...
  12. Sold: Ruger Precision .308

    I have had this on order since last November and it has now arrived but in between I managed to get this gun in a 6.5 creedmoor so no longer need it. It is brand new in the box I'm looking for £1350.00 F2F or RFD at cost. Please PM me. I can add photos but I'm sure you know what it looks like.
  13. Re-Finishing Ruger 10/22 Reciever

    Hi All, This is a bit of a random one. I bought a really cheap old Ruger 10/22 to have bit of a play with some DIY adjustments and improvements, and for general target plinking (maybe even a few rabbits if it proves accurate enough!). It's certainly not essential for what I have planned but...