Re-Finishing Ruger 10/22 Reciever


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Hi All,

This is a bit of a random one.

I bought a really cheap old Ruger 10/22 to have bit of a play with some DIY adjustments and improvements, and for general target plinking (maybe even a few rabbits if it proves accurate enough!).

It's certainly not essential for what I have planned but the matt black coating has seen better days, and I wondered whether anyone knew of a DIY coating that would happily go onto an aluminium receiver?

As I said this is equal parts project and plinker so I'm not at the moment planning to spend £100 on getting a pro job on it as that's more or less what I paid for the gun!

Any advice appreciated,

Yeah, admittedly just on airguns though I'd happily use it on my rimmy. Keep meaning to but other projects take over!

If you prepare the surface properly it's good stuff. It is still just paint so will wear in high traffic areas such as the bolt handle. At the price though you can top up if needs be.

Basically if you expect it to be cerakote you'll be disappointed. If you expect it to be a decent DIY finish you'll be happy.
There is lots of tutorials online, LOTS of AR's done with it.
I sprayed the stock of my 22BR with Krylon Olive drab, that was 4 years ago, with weekly use its still wearing very well apart from going a bit shiny through handling round the forend and pistol grip.