1. Rifle Stock Refinishing: Step-by-step

    Another short pictorial showing the refinishing process of a rifle stock. There are many ways of doing this, this is just my preferred way. The stock arrived as shown. It had previously had a dose of Nitromors, which didn't work. The first step was to clean the chequering with paint...
  2. Gun Stock Services (refinishing, adjustments, fitting etc.)

  3. Stock

    I have a tikka t3 and like the matte finish on the wooden stock and was woundering if anyone uses any oils or polishes on it to keep it looking good and protected for the elements and if so any recommendations. Really don’t want a gloss finish thanks olly
  4. Re-Finishing Ruger 10/22 Reciever

    Hi All, This is a bit of a random one. I bought a really cheap old Ruger 10/22 to have bit of a play with some DIY adjustments and improvements, and for general target plinking (maybe even a few rabbits if it proves accurate enough!). It's certainly not essential for what I have planned but...