1. Moray Outfitting

    Scone ( The Scottish Gamefair ), Perth 1st-3rd July 2016

    We will again be at the Scone Gamefair - and again in great company with Rob & Jess of Monarch. You will find us toward the lower end of Gunmakers Row. Rob will detail separately their plans, but we will be along with - 1. A range of Sauer Rifles - both demo show models and stock for sale...
  2. Moray Outfitting

    Scone 2015 - New spot for us

    Same every year - all of a sudden its manic packing for a fair. We are at Scone again this year - but with a move. We will now be listed as Stalking School/ Moray Outfitting and the stand will be toward the top end of Gunmaker Row as opposed to previous years. This does mean that we no longer...
  3. Moray Outfitting

    SD STICKERS - Scone Scottish Game Fair Fri 5th July - Sun 7th July

    Hopefully this is in the right section - JAYB feel free to move it as required. GET YOUR STALKING DIRECTORY STICKERS AT SCONE! We'll be attending Scone with a trade stand this coming weekend ( hopefully drier than last year ). You'll find us toward the top end of Pheasant Row - usually...
  4. Moray Outfitting

    Scone 2012 - some pictures

    Following the various threads about the washed out Scone this year, thought I'd put up some pictures. Not many taken - as digital cameras and rain don't mix well. As on trade stand, many taken early morning before most people up and about on the Saturday. Can only say the images don't really...
  5. Moray Outfitting

    Scone 29th & 30th June, 1st July Stalking school at Stand P8

    Not entirely certain where to post this - so apologies to Admin if goofed. Stalking School will be on Stand P8 Pheasant Row at Scone this year. Believe its close to where we were last year, so likely as hard to find! Best bet is hang about near the steak burger van close to the arena and just...