scope mounting

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  1. Wanted: 30mm Scope Mounting / Lapping Set (rent?)

    Can I rent your Scope Lapping rig? Need to mount a new scope--want to "lap" the rings. Lapping sets are either monstrously expensive or out of stock at the moment. Since I am using it *once*, I thought maybe I could rent yours? Will pay all postage and a fee for you dropping it off at the post...
  2. Help with Blaser R93 scope mounting

    Hi all, I'm going to be getting a used Blaser R93 luxus. It didn't come with anything mount wise. So I ordered a 0MOA Contessa picatinny rail that is made to fit a Blaser R93 action. Question is, what height rings would i need for this rail? I'm using a 30mm tube S&B Stratos 2.5-13 x 56. Any...
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