Help with Blaser R93 scope mounting


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Hi all,

I'm going to be getting a used Blaser R93 luxus. It didn't come with anything mount wise. So I ordered a 0MOA Contessa picatinny rail that is made to fit a Blaser R93 action. Question is, what height rings would i need for this rail? I'm using a 30mm tube S&B Stratos 2.5-13 x 56.

Any help appreciated, many thanks.
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Get the lowest you can find. The pica rail in itself adds sufficient height even for your 56 objective scope.
This sort of doesn't help but, when I have a low scope mount on the Blaser and I find it a tad awkward to push the safety forward. It is better with a higher mount. I also have a picatinny mount for my longbow and that causes no issue at all. I will try to measure later if I remember to give you an idea.
With the pica rail and lowest ever rings you will still end up higher than with the standard Blaser saddle mounts, be they ring or rail type.
I made an order for the pica rail but can cancel. Im considering a contessa saddle ring/mount... if I go medium in height, i'm obviously guessing this will for sure be high enough and also not make access to the safety awkward?
Evening,I went down the quick release rings route on my stalking scope and nv scope.
They both have returned to zero no matter how many times they have been on and off:D
The rail stays on the blaser all the time as it's not quick release.
Atb dave
Go for the lowest rings you can find.

I used a contessa 0 MOA rail on a R8. I was mounting a 3-18x50 Z6 and used Recknagel 30mm rings with a 6mm base height. Still loads of room between scope and barrel.

These rings were the lowest i could find. I tried Schultz & Larsen 30mm picatinny rings with a 4mm base height but these wouldn't clamp to the rail as the clamping "teeth" were too wide.