1. Full bore Rifle Range Sheffield

    Can anyone recommend a full bore rifle range near Sheffield that is still open? I need to check the zero of a rifle on a 100yd (minimum) range.
  2. Civilian Service Rifle

    Looking a bit of info from the old and the bold amongst us.. Has anyone on here shot CSR particularly the rural match if so what is the break down of the shoots Ammunition required Additional should and must have correct military zeroing procedure for a no4 mk2 with the vernier type...
  3. Help with Blaser R93 scope mounting

    Hi all, I'm going to be getting a used Blaser R93 luxus. It didn't come with anything mount wise. So I ordered a 0MOA Contessa picatinny rail that is made to fit a Blaser R93 action. Question is, what height rings would i need for this rail? I'm using a 30mm tube S&B Stratos 2.5-13 x 56. Any...
  4. 20 MOA Riser

    Hi, I have a question, the answer would seem obvious to me from the get go but I thought I would throw in a post and make sure I am right (not sure if I have posted in the right place here either, so sorry if that is the case) I have bought an 20 MOA rail to raise my scope up a 1/2" I did not...
  5. Wanted: Shooting Range 100m-300m

    Guys, Myself and a couple of mates are looking for a casual few hours zeroing in our ballistic turrets. Doesn't have to be anything formal... As long as it's safe. Anyone know Anywhere? Willing to pay. Inverness / Highland / + or - 50 miles. Cheers
  6. Moderator Advice

    Looking for some advice. I bought a few years ago a tikka t3 .243 with an ASE, jetz mod stamped .30....but also has had 25-06 and .243 proof stamps. I have had my variation approved for a .30-06 and have ordered a tikka t3x hunter screw cut, assuming the moderator screws on with no trouble...
  7. Wanted: Rifle zeroing

    Hi there could anyone in the Nottinghamshire especially Newark area tell where I can zero my rifle? :cry:
  8. First range day for a stalker - please help

    My FAC for all of my rifles was granted for stalking or vermin control with no mention of ranges or target shooting. I had assumed that I couldn't use my 0.308 (or my rimfires) on a range as a result of this but I have recently read the Home Office guidelines to discover that FAC holders can...