shooting in suffolk

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  1. Suffolk 100m .308 Zero Range?

    Hi All, I have a friend near Bury St Edmunds that is in need of a 100m/yard range to re-zero his .308 stalking rifle. He's an experienced shot, but would like to be able to practice a bit more often on a range if possible. I dont know of any on that side of the country myself, being in the SW...
  2. Shoot dates at Glemham Hall Shoot (pheasants and partridges)

    The Shoot The 3600 acre Glemham Hall Shoot, historically run by the Cobbold family has for the first time been leased out. We are proud to have been chosen and given the opportunity to run this fantastic shoot in close conjunction with Major Hope-Cobbold. Set in the heart of the Suffolk...
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